3 Must-Try Spicy Japanese Seasonings (Condiments)

When it comes to Japanese seasonings, I think many people bring “Shoyu (醤油 : soy sauce)” and “Miso (味噌 : soybean paste)” to mind. In fact, both are commonly used as base seasonings in various Japanese dishes.

Then, when you think of the spicy Japanese seasoning or condiment, what comes to mind?

3 Spicy Japanese Seasonings (Condiments) that You Should Know

For those who don’t come up with anything, today let me introduce 3 spicy Japanese seasonings (condiments) that you should know at least.

Shichimi Togarashi (七味唐がらし)

Shichimi Togarashi

Shichimi Togarashi is one of the spicy condiments most commonly used in Japan, which is made by blending 7 different aromatic spices. It is a traditional Japanese spice mix whose main ingredient is ground red chili pepper.

As for the other 6 spices contained in Shichimi Togarashi, they vary depending on the producer, but the typical ones include poppy seeds, hemp seeds, green seaweed, citrus Unshiu peel, Shiso (perilla), ginger, seaweed laver, sesame seeds, rapeseeds, and Sansho.

In addition to these standard spices, when grated peel of Yuzu citrus is added, the Shichimi Togarashi is called “Yuzu Shichimi (ゆず七味)”. If you want to know how to use Shichimi Togarashi, this article will help.

Shichimi Togarashi Yuzu Shichimi
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Kanzuri (かんずり)

Kanzuri PasteImage : yokoyama-kamaboko.co.jp

Kanzuri is a seasoning paste made by fermenting and aging the mixture of red chili pepper, malted rice, and yellow Yuzu citrus.

Although it is a relatively new condiment that a food maker in the city of Myoko, Niigata Prefecture created several decades ago, thanks to various forms of mass media, Kanzuri has been becoming popular in Japan.

The Japanese seasoning paste is characterized by its pleasant pungent taste with salt, spices, and savoriness and is slightly spicy.

Kanzuri paste is favored by chefs of famous Japanese restaurants and hotels as a secret ingredient. If you want to know about Kanzuri in detail, this article will help.

Kanzuri Paste, 47g

Yuzu Kosho (柚子胡椒)

Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho is the traditional Japanese aged food made from Yuzu citrus peel, red chili pepper or green chili, and salt. The lumpy paste with distinctive pungency is commonly used in Japan.

Especially, the people living in the Kyushu district love this spicy seasoning and like to put it in various dishes, such as Miso soup, noodle dishes like Udon, and hot-pot dishes “Nabemono (鍋物)“.

If you put a little amount of Yuzu Kosho paste in some food, the Japanese seasoning will make the food fragrant and flavorful. If you want to know typical uses of Yuzu Kosho, this article will help.

Yuzu Kosho


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