Imabari Towel: One of the Best Towels in the World

Japan’s weaving technology of towels is outstanding. As its representative example, a city in Ehime Prefecture, Imabari is known as one of the world’s major producing centers.

Imabari Towel (今治タオル)

All the towels called “Imabari Towel (今治タオル)” have a brand logo showing that they met the quality criteria set by Shikoku Towel Industry Association.

The Brand Logo of Imabari TowelImabari Towel Brand LogoImage:

Imabari Towel has over 100 years of history and places great emphasis on the comfortability in use. They are manufactured using the weaving technology with both the good points of modern and traditional.

In Japan, the towels made in Imabari are widely known as goods of superior quality. In fact, in the past, an Imabari Towel maker won the Best New Product Award for Bath-Soft in NY Home Textile Show and drew people’s attention.

Now, Imabari Towel is being introduced worldwide and has been becoming popular. If you use it for the first time, you would be deeply impressed with its softness and comfortability, and the way you see towels might change.


Imabari Towel

As examples of how Imabari Towel differs from ordinary ones, here are the primary differences between them.

1. Water Absorbing Property

It is said that water absorbency is one of the most remarkable properties of Imabari Towel. The towel absorbs water quickly and maintains a good use feeling even after you wipe off sweat and water with it.

2. Overwhelming Softness

Imabari Towel is always soft and furry because they are made from cotton of fine quality and their water-absorbing property is high.

3. Low Yarn Breaking Rate

The yarn breaking rate of Imabari Towel is low because they are made from fine cotton. They are manufactured based on the reference value.

4. Non-Fading Color

In addition to having a high degree of dyeing technique, Imabari Towel makers manufacture their products with pure clean water, so the colors don’t fade easily.

5. Strict Safety Standards

Imabari Towel has strict safety standards for residual formaldehyde concentration. Hence, you can use it for your baby without worries.


For people who are interested in Imabari Towel, lastly here are important elements for the maintenance of the towel.

1. Launder New Towels before Use

There is a possibility that dust or fine particles adhere to the new towel, so it is recommended to launder it before use.

2. Put Towels in a Mesh Wash Bag before Washing

This prevents the towel pile yarn from getting caught and breaking, so it’s better to wash towels after putting them in a mesh wash bag.

3. Better to Not Use Fabric Softeners

The fabric softener gives a bad effect on toweling. Using it can result in giving damages to the yarns and water absorbency.

4. Wave Towels Well before Drying

This prevents the towel from getting stiff while being dried.


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