Oden : Stewed Ingredients often Eaten during the Winter Season

Have you ever heard of a stew unique to Japan that is often cooked in winter?

The stew eaten during the winter season is a Japanese hot pot dish called “Oden (おでん)”, which is often enjoyed in Japan to warm up the body in cold weather at this time of year.

Oden (おでん)


Oden is made by simmering various ingredients, such as eggs, daikon radish, tube-shaped fish cake “Chikuwa (ちくわ)“, konnyaku, rolled kombu seaweed, and taro, together in a large pot with a thin soy-sauce based broth.

Oden is a type of “Nabemono (鍋物)”, the Japanese hot pot dish cooked by a cooking stove at the table in the winter. When eaten, the stewed ingredients are served into bowls from the pot.

The broth and ingredients for Oden vary depending on the region and each household.

Where Oden is Available 

Oden is sold from autumn to early spring at almost any convenience store in Japan, where simmering Oden pots are set up next to the checkout counter.

You can choose and pick up what you want to eat from the large pot of stewed ingredients for yourself. A single ingredient is available from about 60 yen.

oden_vending_machine_by_irrational_cat_in_akihabara_tokyoImage : Wikipedia

Oden is also available as a canned food or a retort pouched food in grocery stores and even at vending machines, though, there are few vending machines for Oden, so you could hardly find them.

Condiments for Oden

We usually use a Japanese yellow mustard “Karashi (からし)” as a condiment when eating Oden, but some Japanese like to use “Kanzuri (かんずり)” or “Yuzu Kosho (柚子胡椒)“, instead of Karashi.

In addition, here are 2 condiments regionally used for Oden.

Negidare (ねぎだれ)

Oden with NegidareImage : i-iida.net

In the city of Iida, Nagano Prefecture, “Negidare (ねごだれ)” is a representative condiment for Oden. The local condiment is made from soy sauce, chopped green onions, and dried bonito shavings.

Shoga Shoyu (しょうが醤油)

Oden with Shoga ShoyuImage : blogs.yahoo.co.jp

In the city of Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, the stewed ingredients of Oden are often eaten with a mixture of soy sauce and grated ginger called “Shoga Shoyu (しょうが醤油)”.

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