3 types of recommended Japanese teapots

Today a wide variety of Japanese teapots are sold at stores or online.But do you know the differences in properties by the kind of Japanese teapot?

Traditional Japanese teapots are roughly divided into three types,that is,pottery ones,porcelain ones,and ironware ones.

Those 3 types of Japanese teapots have different properties mutually.If you knew the differences,you would enjoy Japanese tea more.

The differences in properties by the kind of Japanese teapot

I would like to introduce the differences in properties between the 3 types of Japanese teapots below.So let’s understand the differences and enjoy Japanese tea!

1.Japanese pottery teapots

Japanese pottery is generally baked at 1100 to 1200℃.Because the surface of pottery aren’t fully vitrified,Japanese pottery teapots have excellent water absorption and moisture retention,so that they leach astringency and flavor in well balance from Japanese tea and make the taste of tea milder because of the removal of a bitter taste.But note that you should not make various kinds of Japanese tea with one pottery teapot since Japanese pottery teapots absorb smells and components of tea and each smell and component will be mixed together.

Recommended Japanese pottery teapots

Japanese Tokoname Teapot 370cc,potter: Kofu Japanese Bankoyaki Green Teapot 260cc
Amazon.com Amazon.com

I would like to recommend Tokoname Yaki(ware) and Banko Yaki(ware) from all kinds of Japanese pottery teapots,because they are the 2 most famous for pottery Kyusu (急須 : Japanese teapots) in Japan and have traditions of long history.

2.Japanese porcelain teapots

Japanese porcelain is generally baked at 1200 to 1460℃.It is baked at higher temperatures than Japanese pottery.Hence it is vitrified and low in both water absorption and moisture retention properties,and that it hardly absorbs smells and components of tea.Therefore you can enjoy various kinds of tea with one porcelain teapot.It is suitable for strong-scented tea such as Gyokuro(玉露) thanks to the property.

Recommended Japanese porcelain teapots

Kutani Yaki(ware) Japanese Teapot Silver Leaf (with tea strainer) Arita Yaki(ware) Japanese Teapot Nishiki Imari peony No. 4
Amazon.com Amazon.com

The 2 most famous porcelain in Japan are Kutani Yaki(ware) and Arita Yaki(ware).In addition,they have sophisticated beauty and several hundred years of history.So I would like to introduce them.

3.Japanese ironware teapots

There are mainly 2 good points when making tea with Japanese ironware teapots.First point is that you can easily take iron ingredients because they are eluted into water by heating ironware.Second point is that water boiled in ironware tastes better because the water contains little chlorine and is made mild,moreover the water is rich in minerals.

Recommended Japanese ironware teapots

Japanese Nanbu Iron Tetsubin Retro Handmade Teapot With Eagle & Pine Tree Pattern,44-Oz/1.3L

Speaking of Japanese ironware,I will be sure to recommend Nanbu ironware.I think Nanbu ironware is the most famous and popular ironware in Japan.Nanbu ironware is also a traditional Japanese craft.


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