3 representative Japanese miso soups to try

There are a wide variety of Japanese miso soups.

To be extreme,if you think it is good,it is OK to put any kinds of ingredients in miso soup.But there are several typical Japanese miso soups which use the same ingredients as usual.

So today I would like to introduce those kinds of representative Japanese miso soups.

3 representative Japanese miso soups

The following is 3 representative Japanese miso soups,the names of which contain the names of main ingredients.


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‘Ton(豚)’ means ‘pork’ in Japanese,therefore the main ingredient of TonJiru(豚汁) is pork.By the way,’Shiru(汁)’ or ‘Jiru(汁)’ means ‘soup’.Although the other ingredients depend on the region and the individual home,ingredients such as carrot,radish,onion,potatoes and tofu are typically used throughout Japan.

2.Natto Jiru(納豆汁)

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Natto(納豆) is a typical Japanese delicacy.As you may already know,it is fermented soybeans.So the main ingredient of Natto Jiru(納豆汁) is Natto.The other ingredients of Natto Jiru also depend on each household.But chopped green onion is one of the most commonly used ingredients.

3.Shijimi Jiru(しじみ汁)

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Shijimi(しじみ) is a kind of freshwater clams.In general,clams are commonly used as the main ingredient of Japanese miso soups.The short-neck clams called Asari(アサリ) are also often used in miso soup.Though the other ingredients of Shijimi Jiru also depend on each home,Shijimi Jiru often contain no other ingredients but Shijimi.

Related Products

If you try Japanese instant cups of miso soup,you will enjoy authentic Japanese miso soups.The way of making Japanese instant miso soups is in general that one packed ingredient is put in a bowl (if a product includes some kinds of packed ingredients) and one packed miso paste are also put,then a specified volume of boiling water is poured.

If a product is a freeze-dried miso soup,just place a freeze-dried one in a bowl and pour a specified volume of boiling water in general.

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