Matcha Chocolate Fondue that Became a Hot Topic

Have you ever heard of “Matcha Choco Fondue (抹茶チョコフォンデュ)”? The sweet actually became a topic of conversation in Japan in recent years and is said to be an evolutionary form of chocolate fondue.

Matcha Choco Fondue

Matcha Chocolate Fondue

In the making process of Matcha Choco Fondue, the addition of Matcha green tea powder gives the sweet a slight fresh bitterness, making its taste very Japanese.

For those who are interested in the Japanese-style chocolate fondue, today I will introduce a recipe for it, in addition to 2 Japanese-style café restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto that are popular for Matcha Choco Fondue.


Although there are not yet many Matcha Chocolate Fondue recipes posted on the internet, fortunately, the Japanese food company, S&B introduces one using their spice (cumin) on their official website.

According to the Japanese recipe, how to make the sauce for the Matcha Choco Fondue is as follows.


Ingredient Quantity
White Chocolate  120 g
Cream Cheese 50 g
Whipped Cream 100 ml
Milk 100 ml
Matcha Green Tea Powder 1 – 2 teaspoons
Cumin Powder 1/2 teaspoon
  1. Chop up the white chocolate
  2. Put the chocolate pieces in a heat-resistant vessel and microwave it until the pieces melt
  3. Bring the cream cheese back to room temperature and puree it
  4. Put the cream cheese puree in a bowl and knead to make it more smooth
  5. Put the whipped cream and milk in a pot and warm the mixture to body temperature. Then add in the Matcha and cumin powder, and mix well
  6. Combine all the ingredients to make a sauce
  7. Ready to eat. Dip cut fruits in the sauce and enjoy!

Cafe Restaurants

Lastly, let me introduce 2 Japanese-style café restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto that are popular for Matcha Chocolate Fondue.

Kagurazaka Saryou (神楽坂 茶寮)


Kagurazaka Saryou is a popular cafe restaurant located in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, whose signature sweet, “Matcha no Attaka Chocolate Fondue (抹茶のあったかチョコレートフォンデュ)” has been sometimes featured by the media. Other than the chocolate dessert, the restaurant is offering various confections using a variety of Japanese food materials.

Shop Information
  • Address: 5-9 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo (MAP)
  • Open: (Mon. to Sat.) 11:30 am to 23:00 pm (Last call for food at 22:00 pm), (Sunday) 11:30 am to 22:00 pm (Last call for food at 21:00 pm)

Jouvencelle Gion (ジュヴァンセル 祇園店)


Jouvencelle is a popular confectionery shop located in Gion, Kyoto, and its cafe restaurant is popular for the Matcha Chocolate Fondue called “Gion Fondue (祇園フォンデュ)”. Gion Fondue is a dessert where you enjoy seasonal fruits, Dango rice dumplings, and cakes, dipping in a Matcha chocolate sauce.

Shop Information
  • Address: 2F Kyoban-Building, 482 Kiyoi-Cho Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto (Map)
  • Open: (Mon. to Sun.) 10:00 am to 18:00 pm (Last call for food at 17:30 pm)


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