6 Ramen Shops in Tokyo that Offer Weird yet Tasty Noodle Soup

The quintessential Japanese noodle dish, ramen is the most popular comfort food in Japan.

When it comes to the flavor of ramen, there are 4 major types concerning the soup broth of ramen. They are “Shoyu (醤油 : Soy sauce)”, “Miso (味噌 : Soybean paste)”, “Tonkotsu (豚骨 : Pork born)”, and “Shio (塩 : Salt)”.

Other than these, there exist so many variations of ramen in Japan, because there is keen competition among ramen shops.

This is why some ramen shops in Japan offer novel, unique, weird and odd noodle soups.

Thus, today I will introduce 6 ramen shops in Tokyo that serve tasty noodle soups with such flavors and appearances.

If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, these ramen noodles are worth a try.

  1. Kipposhi (吉法師)
  2. Pineapple Ramen Papapapapine (パイナップルラーメン屋さん パパパパパイン)
  3. Ayu Ramen (鮎ラーメン)
  4. Yamate Ramen Hongo Anan (山手ラーメン本郷 安庵)
  5. Ramen Manpuku (ラーメン万福)
  6. Rinsuzu Shokudo (りんすず食堂)
  7. An addition : Aroma (亞呂摩)

1. Kipposhi (吉法師)

Image : tabelog.com

Kipposhi is a relatively new yet popular ramen shop, which is located near the highest tower in Japan “Tokyo Sky Tree”.

The ramen shop offers an ocean-blue-colored noodle soup that became a topic of conversation on the internet. The ramen with an odd appearance is “Torichintan Ao (鶏清湯青)”, literally meaning “Clear Chicken Soup Blue”.

As the ramen name indicates, the broth seems to be made with chicken, but I don’t know what ingredient the blue color comes from.

As for the taste, many Japanese say on the internet that the noodle soup has plenty of umami of chicken and is really tasty.

Shop Information : Kipposhi

Address : 3-1-17 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku Ward, Tokyo (MAP)
Open : 11:30 to 15:00, 17:00 to 22:00
Closed : Wednesdays

2. Pineapple Ramen Papapapapine (パイナップルラーメン屋さん パパパパパイン)

Image : tabelog.com

Pineapple Ramen Papapapapine is a popular ramen shop located in the city of Machida, which has been introduced by the Japanese media many times.

I hear that the owner of this ramen shop created the novel ramen with a pineapple flavor because he love both ramen and pineapple.

Many people that have eaten this pineapple ramen say that the noodle soup is tasty with the sweetness coming from pineapple.

This ramen shop also provides limited-time ramen noodles with weird flavors like coffee and chocolate.

Shop Information : Pineapple Ramen Papapapapine

Address : 2F Machida Terminal Plaza, 3-1-4 Hara-Machida, Machida, Tokyo (MAP)
Open : 11:00 to 15:00, 18:00 to 21:00
Closed : Wednesdays

3. Ayu Ramen (鮎ラーメン)

Image : tabelog.com

Ayu Ramen is a very popular ramen shop, so it is not unusual to see a line in front of this ramen shop.

As you can see from the above photo, the noodle soup has an impactful appearance. Yes, it has a grilled sweetfish (Ayu 鮎) on top of ramen!

As for the flavor, the soup broth is salt-based and rich in umami of sweetfish, chicken, and vegetables.

It is said that the ramen is made being particular about the details. In fact, many Japanese say that the noodle soup is exquisite and addictive.

Shop Information : Ayu Ramen

Address : 3-15-12 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku Ward, Tokyo (MAP)
Open : 11:30 to 14:00, 18:00 to 1:00
Open throughout the week

4. Yamate Ramen Hongo Anan (山手ラーメン本郷 安庵)

Image : tabelog.com

Yamate Ramen Hongo Anan is a ramen shop well-known for its noodle soup with lots of euglena. Euglena is referred to as “Midorimushi (ミドリムシ)” in Japanese.

The ramen shop is near the University of Tokyo known as the highest educational institution in Japan.

The salt-based pork bone broth ramen, “Midori Ramen (みどりラーメン)” contains about 7 hundred million euglena cells.

Although euglena is unusual as topping for ramen, actually, it is known as a food with lots of nutrients.

It is said that euglena itself has no taste, but the Midori Ramen is tasty.

Shop Information : Yamate Ramen Hongo Anan

Address : 5-23-11 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku Ward, Tokyo (MAP)
Open : 11:00 to 1:00
Open throughout the week

5. Ramen Manpuku (ラーメン万福)

Image : tabelog.com

Ramen Manpuku is a ramen shop well-known for its milk ramen “Gyunyu Ramen (牛乳ラーメン)”.

You may have an unappetizing impression on the combination of ramen broth and milk, but the noodle soup is delicious with the sweetness and richness of milk.

In addition to the milk ramen, this ramen shop has one more popular dish “Kikurage Teishoku (キクラゲ定食)“, which is made with plenty of Judas’s ear mushrooms.

Therefore, Ramen Manpuku has 2 healthy, odd-looking signature dishes that are worth a try.

Shop Information : Ramen Manpuku

Address : 3-23-19 Koenji-minami, Suginami-ku Ward, Tokyo (MAP)
Open : 11:40 to 15:00, 17:30 to 23:00
Closed : Wednesdays

6. Rinsuzu Shokudo (りんすず食堂)

Image : tabelog.com

As you can see from the photo, Rinsuzu Shokudo is famous for its ramen noodles with plenty of lemon slices on top, which is sometimes introduced on Japanese TV programs and magazines.

Although the appearance is unusual, the soup broth is not so sour. It has lots of umami and smell of bonito. As for the topping, it only consists of lemon slices from a whole lemon.

Overall, the noodle soup is tasty and refreshing with a slight lemon flavor, so it has a good reputation.

Shop Information : Rinsuzu Shokudo

Address : 5-7-3 Oshima, Koto-ku Ward, Tokyo (MAP)
Open : (Weekdays) 11:30 to 15:00, 18:00 to 21:00 (Saturday and Sunday) 11:30 to 21:00
Closed : Mondays

An addition. Aroma (亞呂摩)

Image : tabelog.com

Aroma is a cafe offering a famous ramen with a weird flavor and crazy toppings including ice-cream, boiled eggs, and fruits, so this cafe is sometimes introduced by the Japanese media.

As for Aroma’s famous ramen, both the noodles and the broth are made using coffee, so the noodle soup has a coffee flavor as a whole!

The coffee ramen is so weird that you will either like it or hate it.

Shop Information : Aroma

Address : 2-19-16 Takara-machi, Katsushika-ku Ward, Tokyo (MAP)
Open : 11:00 to 21:00
Irregular days off on Tuesdays and Sundays


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