Plain Yogurt makes cheap Miso soybean paste much tastier

Plain white rice and Miso soup are the staple food of us Japanese.As the soup name indicates, Miso soup is made by dissolving Miso soybean paste in soup stock, and most of us have the Japanese soup everyday.Besides, we also commonly use the soybean paste as a seasoning for various dishes.Hence, Miso is an essential seasoning for Japanese cuisine.

Accordingly, there are a wide variety of Miso soybean pastes being sold at supermarkets in Japan, from high-grade to cheap.When I run a search for “5oog Miso (味噌)” on Amazon Japan, the result of the price that comes up ranges from about 300 yen to about 5,000 yen per piece.I think 500g of Miso paste whose price range is 300 to 1,000 yen is usually used at ordinary homes of Japan.

How to make cheap Miso soybean paste much tastier with plain yogurt

By the way, there is a way to make these cheap Miso soybean pastes much tastier.In fact, this Japanese website says that a Japanese TV program introduced the method and introduces it.Though high-grade Miso pastes are rich in umami with body taste, if you use the method below, you can make cheap Miso paste like high-grade Miso paste.The method is really simple and easy as follows.

  1. Combine general cheap Miso paste with plain yogurt at a ratio of 4 (miso) : 1 (plain yogurt) and mix well
  2. Let the mixture sit overnight in the refrigerator

That is all you have to do.When the mixture of Miso paste and plain yogurt is kept in the refrigerator overnight, the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt break down the protein in Miso into amino acids that are known as umami ingredients.

Hence, if you try the above method, cheap Miso paste will become tastier thanks to plain yogurt.In addition, the Japanese website says that the peculiar smell of yogurt goes away during the night.If you are interested, just try the method and you will be able to make tasty miso soup using the cooked miso paste with plenty of umami.


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