7 Common Types of Japanese Udon dishes

Udon, together with Ramen and Soba, is one of the representative noodle dishes of Japan.Speaking of the brand, as I wrote before, there are 3 local Udon brands in Japan that are called “the Japan’s 3 Best Udon Noodles”.

On the other hand, when it comes to the variety of Udon dishes, broadly there are 7 common types, based on the cooking method and the eating manner, though the seasoning and the ingredient vary depending on the region and each Udon restaurant.

7 Common Types of Japanese Udon dishes

Therefore, today I want to introduce the 7 common types of Japanese Udon dishes.

1. Kake Udon (かけうどん) and Su-Udon (素うどん)

Kake Udon is known as the most basic Japanese Udon dish, which is the type of Udon dish that consists of boiled Udon Noodles in broth and a few kinds of toppings.In the Kanto region around Tokyo, chopped green onions are mainly put on top of the Udon dish, while in the western Japan except for Kagawa Prefecture, Kake Udon is called Su-Udon and eaten with some ingredients like Tororo Kombu and sliced Kamaboko (Japanese boiled fish paste).

2. Zaru Udon (ざるうどん)

Zaru Udon is the Udon dish that consists of chilled Udon noodles on the bamboo tray called “Zaru (ざる)” and Mentsuyu soup on a cup.Zaru is an ancient Japanese cooking utensil and Mentsuyu (Amazon.com) is the dipping sauce for Udon noodles.The Udon sauce is made typically from soup stock, soy sauce and Mirin sweet cooking rice wine.This Udon is also called “Mori Udon (もりうどん)”, but if the Udon noodles are topped with shredded Nori seaweed, the dish is definitely called Zaru Udon, just like Zaru Soba.

3. Bukkake Udon (ぶっかけうどん)

Bukkake Udon is that when Udon noodles are boiled, the water is drained off and the noodles are piled up in a bowl, then we put some Nama Shoyu or a little amount of Mentsuyu soup onto the noodles and eat.The ingredient of Bukkake Udon is varied.

4. Kamaage Udon (釜揚げうどん)

Generally, Kamaage Udon is served along with the hot water in which the noodles were boiled, without cooling them down with cold water.The noodles are placed in the Japanese small bucket called “Oke (桶)” and we eat them dipping in Mentsuyu soup in the same way that we eat Zaru Udon.

5. Tsukejiru Udon (つけ汁うどん)

Tsukejiru Udon is the Udon dish whose boiled Udon noodles are set on a plate.We eat the noodles dipping in the soup made simmering the broth with ingredients like pork and mushrooms.

6. Nikomi Udon (煮込みうどん)

Nikomi Udon is the Udon dish made by simmering raw Udon noodles in the soup with ingredients.There are many variations of Nikomi Udon throughout Japan.

7. Yaki Udon (焼うどん)

Yaki Udon is the stir-fried Udon noodle just like Yakisoba (焼きそば).It is made by stir-frying Udon noodles with vegetables and meat or seafood, and then seasoned.


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