The reason why Japanese like 8 as a lucky number

Today is August 8, 2018, or 20180808.Do you remember what day 10 years ago today was?Yes, the opening ceremony of Summer Olympic Games was held in Beijing, China at 8 PM on August 8, 2008.

As the date and time of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics show, the Chinese love the number 8, and the fact is widely known in the world.Howewver, have you ever heard that we Japanese also like 8 as a lucky number?

The reason why Japanese like 8 as a lucky number

Just like 8 is the most popular number in China, Japanese people love the number too, but the reason why Japanese like 8 is different from the one why Chinese love the number.

The reason why Chinese people love the number 8

Chinese people think of No.8 as the luckiest number mainly because the pronunciation of the number “Ba (八)” sounds like “Fa (發)” that contains meanings of wealth, success, and prosperity.

The reason why Japanese like the number 8

On the other hand, the number 8 is considered as a lucky number in Japan because the Chinese character “八” broadens towards the bottom, which means being increasingly successful.This is why 8 (八) is a sign of good luck in Japan.

In ancient Japan, No.8 was considered as a sacred number as well as having a meaning of “countlessly many”.For example, the origin of the name of double cherry blossoms “Yaezakura (八重桜)” comes not from the reason that the plant has 8 (八) petals, but from the meaning that it has countlessly many petals.

As for Japan’s automobile number plates, the number 8 (especially the repdigit) is popular and included in the lottery object.

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