The reason why instant cup ramen has to be cooked for 3 minutes

These days, there are a wide variety of Japanese instant cup ramen available on internet shopping sites, even if you don’t live in Japan.As you may know, many of those instant cup ramen have to be cooked for 3 minutes in order to be ready to eat.

It is Nissin Foods that created instant cup ramen for the first time in the world, and the top Japanese instant noodles maker released its world’s first instant cup ramen “Nissin Cup Noodles” in 1971.

The cooking time of the products in the Nissin Cup Noodles series is also 3 minutes and it hasn’t been changed since the first product ( went on the market in 1971, though meanwhile it seems that the technology for producing instant cup ramen has been developed.

Then, why do we need to let the instant cup ramen sit and cook for 3 minutes even now?

The reason why the cooking time of instant cup ramen is 3 minutes even now 

According to the official website of Nissin, the reason why the cooking time of Nissin Cup Noodles is 3 minutes even now is because the time is the best for reconstituting dried noodles with hot water, and that makes the noodles the best state.What is better, the time gives people less stress.

However, if instant cup ramen has thicker and chewier noodles, it has to be cooked for 4 to 5 minutes.This is why there exist some instant cup ramen with the waiting time needed.



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