Nissin Ippudo Gogyo Kogashi Miso Ramen Instant Noodles

On November 4, Seven Eleven Japan newly released Ippudo’s instant cup ramen. This time too, the instant ramen was created by Nissin in collaboration with Ippudo’s owner.

Nissin Ippudo Gogyo Instant Ramen

Nissin Ippudo Gogyo Kogashi Miso Ramen

The name of the instant ramen is Nissin “Ippudo Nishi-Azabu Gogyo Kogashi-Miso (一風堂 西麻布 五行 焦がし味噌)”.

As the name indicates, this instant cup ramen beautifully recreates the taste of the Kogashi (burnt) Miso ramen offered by Ippudo Group’s “Gogyo (五行)” Nishi-Azabu Tokyo (Google Map).

Gogyo is a popular ramen restaurant produced by Ippudo where you can drink and eat various creative dishes that match well with alcohols, which include Kogashi Miso Ramen (890 Yen plus Tax).


Most instant cup ramen that recreate the noodle dishes served in popular ramen shops have an addition special flavor packet and that also applies to this instant ramen.

The red sachet contains special burnt flavoring oil, which is added to the cup as a final touch after the noodles are cooked.

In the cup, there are dried noodles, soup base powder, and dried toppings (cabbage, seasoned checkin meat mince, red bell pepper, green onion). The amount of the toppings is somewhat small compared to other instant cup ramen.

Cooking Instructions 

How to cook this instant ramen is not that complicated as follows.

1 Peel back the paper lid about halfway
2 Pour boiling water into the cup, up to the inside line
3 Close the lid and place the red sachet on it. Let the noodles sit and cook for 5 minutes
4 As a final touch, add the contents (special burnt flavoring oil) of the red sachet to the cup
5 Nissin Ippudo Gogyo Kogashi Miso Instant Ramen Stir all the ingredients well and enjoy!


Nissin Ippudo Gogyo Kogashi Miso Ramen Instant Noodles

This is a cup of miso ramen, but the flavor of the broth is distinctly different from what comes from typical miso ramen. It is fragrant, mellow, and elegant, yes really delicious.

The noodles are also pretty good, have a pleasant firm texture. Overall, I think the Ippudo Gogyo instant ramen is highly original and of high quality for the price (208 Yen plus Tax).


Nissin Ippudo Gogyo Kogashi Miso Ramen Ingredients

According to the ingredient list, the soup base of the Ippudo Gogyo instant ramen consists of lard, sugars, salt, powdered miso, starch, wheat flour, spices, pork seasoning, vegetable fat and oil, caramel powder, garlic seasoning oil, and yeast extract.

Where to Buy Nissin Ippudo Gogyo Kogashi Miso Ramen

Basically, Nissin Ippudo Gogyo Kogashi Miso Ramen is available only at 7 Eleven convenience stores in Japan.


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