Acecook Do Miso Miso Maze-Soba Instant Noodle

A new collaboration instant ramen is now on sale in the convenience stores of 7 Eleven Japan, and that’s what I introduce here. With the help of the popular ramen restaurant in Kyobashi, Tokyo, “Do Miso (ど・みそ)”, it was created by the Japanese instant noodles manufacturer “Acecook”.

Do Miso Miso Mazesoba Instant Noodle from Acecook

Acecook Do Miso Miso Maze Soba Instant Noodle

This Do Miso “Miso Mazesoba (味噌まぜそば)” instant noodle was released on August 24 and I got it at my go-to 7 Eleven for about 250 yen (about 2.4 USD). Do Miso is a ramen shop with several branches in Tokyo that specializes in miso ramen.

Meanwhile, “Maze-Soba (まぜそば)”, also known as “Abura Soba (油そば)“, is a type of soupless ramen and this bowl of instant ramen beautifully recreates the taste of Do Miso’s miso-based noodles.

Featuring the umami of back fat of pork, this Miso Mazesoba instant noodle uses a blend of several kinds of miso paste and is accented with garlic and spices including Sichuan pepper.


This instant ramen bowl comes with these 3 packets. The silver packet contains furikake seasoning consisting of spices and Katsuobushi dried sardine powder, the purple one contains a special miso paste blend and the blue one contains dried garnishes such as corn kernels, bean sprouts, Chinese chives, and chopped red peppers.


The cooking of instant Mazesoba (Abura Soba) noodles is usually like this. As a finishing, you mix the noodles with the miso paste and coat them evenly, as “Maze-Soba” translates to “Mixing Noodles”.


Acecook Do Miso Miso Maze Soba Instant Noodles

Acecook Do Miso Miso Mazesoba Instant Noodles

As for the taste, this Mazesoba noodle contains red chili peppers and various kinds of spices but isn’t spicy at all, rather very savory and umami-rich. The miso seasoning is robust, adding depth to the taste, while the noodles are thick and pleasantly chewy, well-coated with the special miso paste blend.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Acecook Do Miso Miso Maze Soba Instant Noodle Ingredients

Acecook Do Miso Miso Maze Soba Instant Noodle Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for those who are curious about the ingredients and nutrition facts, here they are. According to the list, the Acecook Do Miso Miso Mazesoba instant noodle has 621kcal per one serving (138 grams) and contains 5.2 g salt equivalents.


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