Limited-Time Dassai Non-Alcoholic Shake from Mos Burger

“Dassai (獺祭)” is a brand of sake brewed by Asahi Shuzo, a sake brewery located in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The brewery began to sell the sake in 1990 and after the 2000s the rice wine was a big hit.

Dassai is a high-grade sake and is expensive compared to other average rice wines, but today it has become one of the most popular Japanese sake brands and has been in the spotlight for quite a long time.

Mos Vanilla Milkshake Limited-Time Dassai Flavor 

Mos Burger Limited-Time Dassai Vanilla Shake

And since December 26 of last year (2020), Mos Burger-Dassai Collab Vanilla Milkshake has been on sale at the Japanese hamburger chain Mos Burger.

The Mos Vanilla Shake Dassai Flavor is a limited time offer and is available until early February of this year, and today I finally gave it a try! By the way, the Dassai Milkshake (middle-size) cost me 430 yen (about 4.2 USD).

The Dassai Shake has a two-layer structure and mostly consists of the regular vanilla milkshake. But the grayish sauce on the bottom contains non-alcoholic components from the sake Dassai, and by mixing it with the upper part well, the thick shake takes on a flavor of Dassai.


Mos Dassai Non-Alcoholic Shake

The taste of the Mos Shake is kind of similar to that of Amazake, but unlike that, once you put it in your mouth, the unparalleled elegant sweetness brought by Dassai extract will blow your mind.

Although I usually don’t drink alcoholic beverages in general, including sake, the Dassai Shake is very easy to drink and was very delicious. 


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