I tried Pringles Karaage Flavor Potato Chips

Kellogg Japan started to sell Pringles Potato Chips’ 2021 limited-edition flavors recently and as its first step, the “Karaage (からあげ, 唐揚げ)” flavor is now on sale. 

The other day, on the way home from work, when I stopped by a 7 Eleven convenience store, I came across it by chance and purchased one.

Pringles Karaage Flavor Potato Chips

Pringles Karaage Flavor

Pringles Potato Chips Karaage Flavor was released last month on January 25th and now is still available in convenience stores and the like.

Although the Japanese fried dish Karaage can be made with various foods, Pringles’ Karaage flavor looks like it recreates the taste of the most popular, chicken Karaage or “Tori no Karaage (鳥の唐揚げ)”.

Tori no Karaage

Since the Japanese fried chicken is thinly coated in wheat or Katakuriko flour, it is crispy on the outside, while the inside retains moisture and is tender.

Pringles Karaage Flavor Potato Chips

Tori no Karaage is especially characterized by the juicy umami taste of chicken, but of course, I didn’t expect that from these potato crisps.


Pringles Potato Chips Japan-Limited Karaage Flavor

Nonetheless, I was impressed by the taste of the Pringles Karaage, which is very close to that of actual Tori no Karaage and is even well associated with its savory juiciness.


Pringles Karaage Flavor Potato Chips Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

So I wondered what flavoring brings out that delicious Karaage flavor and as a result checked the ingredient list on the can.

As the result, I reached the conclusion that especially garlic powder and onion powder most likely contribute to the deliciousness.



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