3 Unique Japanese Local Cola Drinks to Try

Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola are 2 major, best-recognized cola brands in the world, but other than these, unique cola drinks could be seen in each country.

In fact, in Japan, there are various kinds of cola beverages. Especially in some local areas, you could find bottled cola that can’t be seen in other places lined up at souvenir shops.

In recent years, thanks to the development of the Internet, it is easy to get those regional cola drinks even if you don’t go to the rural places where they are sold.

3 Unique Local Cola Brands in Japan

For that reason, today let me introduce 3 unique local cola brands from Kobe, Shizuoka, and Hiroshima Prefectures in Japan that can be bought on Amazon Japan. They are all popular and widely known in Japan.

Las Cola of Kobe Foreign Settlement

Image: Amazon.co.jp

Las Cola (of Kobe Foreign Settlement) is a Japanese cola brand that was created after the image of California’s bright glaring sunlight.

The cola beverage is not that sweet with a pleasant refreshing taste to it and well-known for being inexpensive, but it tastes pretty good.

Las Cola is one of the most popular local cola brands in Japan and is available in supermarkets around the country.

Shizuoka Green Tea Cola

Image: Amazon.co.jp

Shizuoka Green Tea Cola is a regional cola drink with a unique green tea flavor to it.

The cola beverage has been highly praised many times by the media, including TV and magazines, and now has become one of the most famous local cola brands in Japan.

Since green tea is a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture (Shizuoka is Japan’s largest producer of green tea leaves), this cola drink was created by combining that specialty green tea and cola.

Hiroshima Cola 

Image: Amazon.co.jp

Hiroshima Cola is a local cola beverage containing the fruit juice of “Hassaku (ハッサク)” oranges harvested in Hiroshima Prefecture. Hassaku is a cultivar of orange that originated in Hiroshima.

This Japanese cola drink has a subtle Hassaku orange flavor and is especially characterized by its remarkably strong gas bubbles.

The brand logo is also stylish so Hiroshima Cola is a popular souvenir of Hiroshima that is favored by tourists.


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