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Sanma-Men 0

What is Sanma-Men?: Ramen from Kanagawa

Today at lunchtime, I ate the “Sanma-Men (サンマー麺)” instant ramen (Price: 220 Yen/ about 2 USD) from Yamadai’s New Touch Sugomen line. In Japan, the instant ramen brand New Touch Sugomen is well-known for...

Black Yakisoba Instant Noodle from Maruchan 0

Japanese Noodles: What is Black Yakisoba?

Today for lunch, I had this “Black Yakisoba (ブラック焼そば)” instant noodle from Maruchan, released on May 24 of this year (2021). As seen from the text on the package front “やみつき旨辛 (Yamitsuki Uma-Kara)”, it...