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Somen vs Soba noodles 0

Somen vs. Soba noodles: What is the Difference?

Somen (そうめん/素麺) and Soba (蕎麦) are noodles that represent Japan, and we commonly eat them, but it seems the former is less recognized than the latter overseas, and some people are wondering how the...

Shirataki vs Harusame 0

Harusame vs. Shirataki Konnyaku Noodles

As you may know, Harusame (春雨) is the Japanese take on Chinese fěntiáo, known as glass or potato noodles in English-speaking countries. The Asian food is healthy and similar to Shirataki (白滝), but its...

Nissin Cup Noodle Negi Shio Karubi Flavor Instant Ramen 0

What exactly is Karubi Ramen?

Nissin started to sell a limited-time Cup Noodle “Negi Shio Karubi (ねぎ塩カルビ: green onions and salted short ribs)” recently,  and since a while ago, the product has been on sale at convenience stores in Japan....