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Gokuaku Meaning in Japanese 0

Gokuaku (極悪): Meaning & Usage in Japanese

The word Saiaku (最悪) may remind some Japanese learners of Gokuaku (極悪), whose literal meaning is Extremely Bad. As I wrote in the previous post, we often use Saiaku and Saitei (最低) the same...

Japan’s Favorite Christmas Songs 0

7 All-Time Most-Listened Japanese Christmas Songs

Christmas Eve has arrived, and tomorrow is Christmas Day! Every year, as the event approaches, I hear various songs from TV and radio shows. But I wondered, what are the all-time most-listened or most-loved...

Gaki Meaning in Japanese 0

Why Gaki (ガキ/餓鬼) Means Child in Japanese

Although we usually use the word Kodomo (子供) when describing a child, we sometimes refer to an ill-mannered/annoying kid as a Gaki. Gaki (ガキ/餓鬼) is a vulgar Japanese term for brat in English, but...