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Kirei or Kawaii 0

Kirei vs. Kawaii: What’s the Difference in Meaning?

As I wrote in this article, Kirei (きれい/綺麗) is a synonym for Utsukushii (うつくしい/美しい), meaning beautiful. And Kawaii (かわいい/可愛い), which makes up an indispensable part of the Japanese subculture, can also mean beautiful. Kawaii...

Tomodachi or Tomo or Dachi 0

Tomodachi vs. Tomo vs. Dachi: Friend in Japanese

Tomodachi (友達/ともだち) is one of the Japanese words that many people know, meaning friend(s). Although the Kanji character 達 pronounced as Tachi is often used to make a plural expression, the word Tomodachi can...

Oinari San 0

Inari: Meaning of the Japanese Word

The word “inari (稲荷/いなり)” reminds many of us of “inari jinja (稲荷神社: inari shrine)” or “inarizushi (稲荷寿司: inari sushi)”. If you are acquainted with Japanese culture, you should know “kitsune (狐)” or “fox” has another...