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Rainy Season in Japan 0

Uki, Tsuyu, and Akisame: Rainy Season in Japan

Spanning from May to July, “Tsuyu (梅雨)”, also called “Baiu (梅雨)”, is a cloudy and rainy season that can broadly be seen in East Asia including the southern part of China, South Korea, Taiwan, and...

Japanese Calendar 0

Japanese Meanings: Youbi (曜日) and Shichiyou (七曜)

Recently, I have learned from Japanese Wikipedia that the names of the days of the week, or “Youbi (曜日: day of the week)”, that is, “Nichi-Youbi (日曜日: Sunday)”, “Getsu-Youbi (月曜日: Monday)”, “Ka-Youbi (火曜: Tuesday), “Sui-Youbi...