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What is Chikara Mizu?

Have you ever heard of the water “Chikara Mizu (力水)” literally meaning power water in Japanese? When I hear Chikara Mizu, that reminds me of 2 types of water. Kirin Beverage Chikara Mizu Soda  One...

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Shonen vs Seinen : The Difference in Meaning

As I wrote an article on how the Japanese word “Seijin (成人)” is different from “Otona (大人)” the other day, this time I will talk about the difference between “Shonen (少年)” and “Seinen (青年)”,...

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Seijin vs Otona : The Difference in Meaning

As you might already know, today January 13th is a national holiday in Japan called “Seijin no Hi (成人の日 : Coming of Age Day)”, and in fact the coming of age ceremony called “Seijin...