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Suman or Sumanu or Sumanai or Sumimasen 0

Meaning: Suman vs. Sumanu vs. Sumanai vs. Sumimasen

As I wrote about how Gomenasai, Sumimasen, and Suimasen (all meaning I’m sorry in Japanese) differ in this post, this time, let’s spot the difference between Sumimasen (すみません), Sumanai (すまない), Sumanu (すまぬ), and Suman...

Kirei or Kawaii 0

Kirei vs. Kawaii: What’s the Difference in Meaning?

As I wrote in this article, Kirei (きれい/綺麗) is a synonym for Utsukushii (うつくしい/美しい), meaning beautiful. And Kawaii (かわいい/可愛い), which makes up an indispensable part of the Japanese subculture, can also mean beautiful. Kawaii...

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Tomodachi or Tomo or Dachi 0

Tomodachi vs. Tomo vs. Dachi: Friend in Japanese

Tomodachi (友達/ともだち) is one of the Japanese words that many people know, meaning friend(s). Although the Kanji character 達 pronounced as Tachi is often used to make a plural expression, the word Tomodachi can...

Oinari San 0

Inari: Meaning of the Japanese Word

The word “inari (稲荷/いなり)” reminds many of us of “inari jinja (稲荷神社: inari shrine)” or “inarizushi (稲荷寿司: inari sushi)”. If you are acquainted with Japanese culture, you should know “kitsune (狐)” or “fox” has another...