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Umaibo Yasai Salad Flavor Corn Puff Snack Bar 0

Umaibo (Puffcorn): What is the Yasai Salad Flavor?

Japanese “Dagashi (駄菓子)” snacks can’t be told without “Umaibo (うまい棒)”. For the unfamiliar, Dagashi is the collective term for cheap, unique, and relatively small Japanese snacks whose price ranges from 10 yen (about 0.1...


Umaibo: The Top 10 Most Popular Flavors in Japan

When it comes to snacks for kids, Japanese children especially like “Dagashi (駄菓子)”. Have you ever heard of that? For the unfamiliar, Dagashi is the word for cheap and unique Japanese snacks and candies. Yaokin Umaibo...