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Udon vs Yaki Udon vs Yaki Soba: What is the Difference?

The traditional Japanese noodle made of wheat flour, “Udon (うどん, 饂飩)” is a staple food in Japan and has gained wide popularity in many countries in recent years. In Japan, there are many varieties of...


Curry Nanban vs Curry Udon: What is the Difference?

The seasonal soba “Kamo Nanban (鴨南蛮)” is enjoyed for the cold winter day in Japan. It is a buckwheat noodle dish served in a soy sauce-based dashi-rich broth whose main toppings are pieces of green...

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The Difference: Houtou vs Udon vs Kishimen Noodles

There are a wide variety of wheat noodles in Japan, but the ones for Ramen and Udon are admittedly the most common. As with the wheat noodles for Ramen, actually Udon comes in various varieties, and...