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What is Toshiake Udon?

Have you ever heard of “Toshiake Udon (年明けうどん)”? As for me, I knew about that for the first time today while making some research on Wikipedia Japan. Toshiake Udon (年明けうどん)  According to the article “年明けうどん”...

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Udon vs Yaki Udon vs Yaki Soba: What is the Difference?

The traditional Japanese noodle made of wheat flour, “Udon (うどん, 饂飩)” is a staple food in Japan, and in recent years, the noodle dish has gained wide popularity in many countries. Japan has many...


Curry Nanban vs Curry Udon: What is the Difference?

The seasonal soba “Kamo Nanban (鴨南蛮)” is enjoyed for the cold winter day in Japan. It is a buckwheat noodle dish served in a soy sauce-based dashi-rich broth whose main toppings are pieces of green...