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Gohan or Meshi 0

Meaning: Kome vs Meshi vs Gohan vs Don

In Japanese, there are several words for rice, which include “Kome (米)”, “Gohan (ご飯)”, and “Meshi (飯)”. The Difference in Meaning: Kome vs Meshi vs Gohan vs Don (Donburi) The word “Kome (米)” literally means...

Tsukune Meatballs 0

The Difference: Tsukune vs Tsumire dumplings

In Japanese, there are a number of similar food names that refer to similar things, and typical examples of such Japanese food names include “Unaju (うな重)” and “Unadon (うな丼)”, “Umezuke (梅漬け)” and “Umeboshi (梅干し)”, and...

Shirasu Don (Donburi) 0

Dried Sardine: Chirimen Jako vs Shirasu vs Iriko

“Iwashi (イワシ, 鰯)”, referred to as sardines in English, are one of the most commonly used fish in Japanese cuisine. Especially, the dried young sardine called “Chirimen Jako (ちりめんじゃこ)” or “Shirasu (シラス)” can be...