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Black Yakisoba Instant Noodle from Maruchan 0

Japanese Noodles: What is Black Yakisoba?

Today for lunch, I had this “Black Yakisoba (ブラック焼そば)” instant noodle from Maruchan, released on May 24 of this year (2021). As seen from the text on the package front “やみつき旨辛 (Yamitsuki Uma-Kara)”, it...

Yabai or Mazui 0

Mazui vs Yabai: Meaning in Japanese

“Mazui (まずい)” is a Japanese word often used in terms of food, in which case the antonym is “Umai (うまい)” meaning “delicious” or “taste good”. Mazui (まずい) meaning Bad Yes, Mazui basically means “bad”...