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Ume vs. Sumomo: Japanese Plums

When it comes to Japanese plums, what comes to many people’s minds would be Ume (梅) or Sumomo (スモモ). As you may know, the original home of both is China. Sumomo has the English...

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Suman or Sumanu or Sumanai or Sumimasen 0

Meaning: Suman vs. Sumanu vs. Sumanai vs. Sumimasen

As I wrote about how Gomenasai, Sumimasen, and Suimasen (all meaning I’m sorry in Japanese) differ in this post, this time, let’s spot the difference between Sumimasen (すみません), Sumanai (すまない), Sumanu (すまぬ), and Suman...

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Satoimo vs. Taro vs. Yam (Yamaimo)

While Taro or 太郎 in Japanese is a common name for males in Japan, the one in English refers to a tropical plant grown for its edible corms in Asian cultures. According to the article...