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Gomen or Gomenasai 0

Gomen vs Gomenasai vs Gomen Ne: Meaning & Usage

As I gave an overview of how Gomenasai, Sumimasen, and Suimasen differ in this post, today let me talk about different ways to say “Gomenasai (ごめんなさい)”, that is, “Gomen (ごめん)” and “Gomen Ne (ごめんね)”....

Shiso or Perilla 0

Perilla: Shiso vs Oba leaves

“Shiso (シソ, 紫蘇)” is an annual plant that belongs to the genus Perilla in the family Lamiaceae, and probably because of that, it is referred to as perilla in English. Shiso vs. Oba The...

Gomenasai or Sumimasen or Suimasen or Moushiwake Gozaimasen  0

Gomenasai vs Sumimasen vs Suimasen: Sorry in Japanese

“Gomenasai (ごめんなさい)” and “Sumimasen (すみません)” both mean “I am sorry”, and in everyday conversation, Japanese people often use “Suimasen (すいません)”, which also means “I am sorry”.  Gomenasai vs Sumimasen vs Suimasen  These Japanese phrases...