Japanese Salt Candies and Tablets to Prevent Heat Stroke

Here in Niigata, Japan, the weather outside is scorching hot and the temperature is climbing, so when I went out shopping today, in a supermarket I bought salt candies to prevent heatstroke. 

As I wrote in this article, salt candy, or “Shio Ame (塩飴)”, has been a summertime favorite of us Japanese for a long time.

The Japanese hard candy contains a little amount of salt, and from the treat, you can replenish salts lost by sweating.

When I was small, there was only plain Shio Ame, but today Japanese salt candy has evolved into various forms and is available in many varieties, including what I bought this time.

Lotte Koume Salt Candy and Kabaya Salt Charge Tablet

Lotte Koume Salt Candy and Kabaya Salt Charge Tablet

The products I got today are the ones shown in the picture above, “Koume Salt Candy” from Lotte and “Salt Charge Tablet” from Kabaya.

Unlike the classic Shio Ame I used to eat as a kid, in addition to sodium chloride, they both contain potassium and citric acid to replace minerals lost in sweat.


Kabaya Salt Charge Tablet

Koume Salt Candy Ume and Lemon Flavors

Since the Kabaya Salt Charge Tablet has a sports drink flavor, while the Lotte Koume Salt Hard Candy comes in Ume and lemon flavors, these treats are all very easy to eat and delicious.

Containing only a minimal amount of salt, they are a little salty, rather, the faint saltiness helps accentuate the sweetness of the candies.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Kabaya Salt Charge Tablet Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lotte Koume Salt Candy Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, here are the ingredients and nutrition facts labels of Kabaya Salt Charge Tablet and Lotte Koume Salt Candy.

Based on these lists, the Kabaya’s salt candy tablet has 10.3 kcal per piece (2.8 grams) and contains 0.108 g salt equivalents, 15.5 mg potassium, and 155 mg citric acid equivalents.

On the other hand, the Koume hard candies have 11 kcal per piece (3.1 grams) and contain 0.12/0.13 (Ume/Lemon) g salt equivalents, 13 mg potassium, 1.2 mg vitamin C, and 82 mg citric acid.


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  1. WTR says:

    I just ordered the Sze Hing Loong version from Amazon. Sounds like just what I need in hot Florida! We will be very hot until October.

  2. WTR says:

    When my package of of Salt & Lemon candy from Amazon arrived yesterday, the packages were labeled with the brand “Cocon” and they were delicious! I’m not used to these flavors together, but it took me no time to recognize how delicious they were. I took a couple of them with me when i went to run a couple of errands. You can’t go outside in Central Florida for more than a few minutes in August without breaking a sweat and these were very refreshing. The salty taste was muted and was a nice balance to the sweet and lemon taste. The fragrance was good under my mask too! I would not recommend them to anyone who should avoid salt, but to everyone else, give them a try! Thank you for introducing them to me!

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