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Cha Soba vs Soba : What is the Difference?

As you know, “Soba (蕎麦)“, also known as “Nihon Soba (日本蕎麦)”, are traditional Japanese buckwheat noodles, and based on the color, Soba noodles can be roughly divided into 3 types. Sarashina Soba is characterized...


Curry Nanban vs Curry Udon : What is the Difference?

When it comes to the seasonal buckwheat soba noodle dish for the cold winter day, “Kamo Nanban (鴨南蛮)” is famous in Japan. Kamo Nanban is the Japanese buckwheat noodle soup whose main ingredients are...

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The Difference: Inaka Soba vs Sarashina Soba noodles

As you know, “Soba (蕎麦)”, also known as “Nihon Soba (日本蕎麦)”, is a buckwheat noodle that originated in Japan, and it is said that the Japanee buckwheat noodle was first made more than 1,000...