Ryotei no Aji: Marukome’s Best-Selling Instant Miso Soup

As you may know, the fermented soybean paste miso (味噌) is a traditional Japanese seasoning with more than a thousand years of history, often used in soup dishes.

Decades ago in Japan, it was difficult for a single company to acquire a market share in the sales of miso because there were so many manufacturers.

However, now a food maker named Marukome (マルコメ) has amazingly occupied a share of over 15 percent.

Marukome Ryotei no Aji (マルコメ 料亭の味)

Shinshu Miso

Marukome is a food company based in Nagano producing products using Shinshu Miso (信州みそ)*.

* Shinshu Miso is the name for miso pastes made in and around Nagano Prefecture with rice koji (malted rice) and soybeans, featuring its light-brown color and salty taste.

Various varieties of miso available in Japan belong to Shinshu Miso, which now accounts for about 40 percent of Japan’s miso consumption.

Marukome Ryotei no Aji (Low-Salt Version)
Marukome Ryotei no Aji Instant Miso Soup Low Salt Version

Marukome has a rich lineup of instant miso soup, and Ryotei no Aji (料亭の味: Taste of a traditional Japanese restaurant), first released in 1982, boasts the top share. 

The item above is its reduced salt version with four varieties of garnishes (Wakame seaweed, tofu, Aburaage, and green onions).

The low-salt version of Marukome Ryotei no Aji is the best choice for those who are picky about the taste but also concerned about health. And I can confidently recommend it.

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 信州味噌 )


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