Marukome Ryotei no Aji: Best-Selling Instant Miso Soup

As you may know, the fermented soybean paste “miso (味噌)” is a traditional Japanese seasoning with more than 1,000 years of history used in a wide variety of dishes in Japanese cuisine such as miso soup and miso ramen.

Decades ago in Japan, it was generally said that it was difficult for a single company to acquire a large share in the market because there were numerous food companies producing miso in Japan.

However, now a food company has occupied a market share of over 15%, even though there are more than one thousand food makers producing miso pastes in Japan. It is “Marukome (マルコメ)” that has the top share.

Shinshu Miso

Marukome is a Japanese food company whose head office is in the city of Nagano, and Nagano Prefecture is famous for its “Shinshu Miso (信州みそ)”.

Shinshu Miso is actually the generic term for miso pastes made centering around the prefecture Nagano.

Many varieties of miso paste available in Japan are classified into Shinshu Miso, which holds an overwhelming market share of 40 %.

Therefore, the food company in Nagano, Marukome is also producing a wide range of Shinshu Miso products.

Marukome Ryotei no Aji (マルコメ 料亭の味)

Marukome Ryotei no Aji Instant Miso Soup (Low-Salt Version)

For example, when it comes to instant miso soup, Marukome has a rich lineup and holds the largest share in the market.

Among those, what I introduce here Marukome “Ryotei no Aji (料亭の味:)”, literally meaning “the taste of a traditional Japanese restaurant”, is especially popular and has become the best-selling instant miso soup series in Japan.

The product was first released in 1982, about 40 years ago, but even now the instant miso soup has ranked No.1 in the market.

The item pictured above is a reduced salt version which contains 4 different varieties of packets of dried garnishes (Wakame seaweed, Tofu, Aburaage, and chopped green onions), in addition to soup bases.

I think the low-salt version of Marukome Ryotei no Aji is the best choice for those who are concerned about health but want to enjoy authentic Japanese miso soup.


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