I Tried one of the Spiciest Instant Ramen in Japan

The other day, I posted an article about the super-spicy Japanese instant cup ramen “Karakarauo (辛辛魚)“, which I think is probably one of the spiciest instant noodles in Japan. 

And this time, I bought another product of the Karakarauo ramen series from Amazon Japan.

I think the packaged ramen is a spicier version of the Karakarauo cup ramen I had the other day because of its name “Sugakiya Karakarauo Ramen Karakara Max Version 2 with Habanero”.

Sugakiya Kara-Kara-Uo Ramen Kara-Kara Max Version 2 with Habanero

The Spiciest Instant Ramen in Japan Sugakiya Karakarauo Max Version 2 with Habanero

The cup ramen version of Karakarauo doesn’t use Habanero, but the packaged ramen I bought this time contains the pepper, as you can see in its name.

Besides, on the packaging, there are the word “Max” and the warning notice “辛さ極限” meaning “extremely spicy” in Japanese.

Taking these into consideration, I think this spicier version of Karakarauo ramen is undoubtedly one of the spiciest Japanese instant ramen.


Sugakiya Karakarauo Max Version 2 with Habanero ingredients

As a matter of fact, based on the ingredient list on the back of the package, the soup base of the Karakarauo ramen mainly consists of soy sauce, pork extract, animal oil, red chili pepper (including 9% Habanero), flavor oil, dried bonito powder, chicken extract, pork seasoning oil, pork powder, garlic paste, and salt.


As for the contents, the package contains these 3 flavor packets as the soup base accompanied by the dried wheat noodle block.


Indeed, this Karakarauo ramen was extremely spicy.

But the broth tasted so good and was quite addictive, perhaps because of the umami ingredients from pork, bonito, and chicken contained in the soup base. The noodles also had a pleasantly chewy bite.

In conclusion, I found the packaged Karakarauo ramen slightly spicier but more addictive than its cup ramen version.


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