Poppo Yaki: Niigata’s bread-like Brown Stick Cake

Today, I went for a drive to Matsunoyama Onsen (松之山温泉), situated in Tokamachi City, Niigata, to enjoy its hot spring bath.

The Onsen is a nationally famous hot spring resort, generally known as one of Japan’s 3 Best Medicinal Onsen (日本三大薬湯).

Matsunoyama Onsen Yunoyama

This time, I visited the spa facility named Yunoyama (湯の山) (Google Maps) for the first time.

But the hot spring water was so good that I was fully relaxed and could recover from the fatigue!

After taking the hot spring bath, I headed to the souvenir shop in the facility to hunt for something interesting.

And there, I found my favorite local snack, Poppo Yaki (ぽっぽ焼), on sale, and I grabbed one.

Poppo Yaki (ぽっぽ焼)

Poppo Yaki

On the way home from the spa facility, I enjoyed these bread-like brown stick cakes Poppo Yaki,

a specialty of the northern regions of Niigata, made by baking a mixture of soft flour, brown sugar, carbonic acid, alum, and water.


As you can see in the photo, Poppo Yaki has a thick rectangular bar shape. It is soft and chewy, featuring a gentle sweetness from brown sugar.

The local confection tastes just like brown sugar bread, and I have loved its good and old taste since I was a kid!

Where to Buy


Poppo Yaki is available at some souvenir shops in Niigata. Also, it is a kind of festive treat that Yatai street food stalls offer.

If you plan to visit a summer festival in Niigata, you will probably see some Yatai baking the cake!

(Reference Page: Wikipedia ぽっぽ焼き )


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