Bourbon Choco Anpan: Chocolate-Filled Mini Snack Buns

Based on the definition of “An (餡)” by Japanese Wikipedia that I introduced in the previous post, chocolate cream can also be considered a kind of An paste, because it is made from cacao beans sweetened with sugar and kneaded.

And in fact, the newly released snack from Bourbon I have now uses chocolate-An in place of the quintessential An or Anko, sweet Azuki red bean paste.

Bourbon Choco Anpan

Bourbon Choco Anpan

I bought this Anpan snack for about 100 yen (about 1 USD) at a 7 Eleven convenience store near my house.

While the classic Japanese bun Anpan usually has a filling of Azuki red bean paste, this product contains chocolate cream-filled mini snack buns.

Bourbon Choco Anpan Chocolate Filled Mini Snack Buns

These snack buns have little moisture and are somewhat dry compared to regular Anpan, but somehow they can be said to be a mini version of the usual Anpan rather than something far from the standard. 

The filling inside the bread looks like the representative An, sweet Azuki red bean paste, but it is smooth and mild chocolate cream.

Bourbon Choco Anpan Mini Chocolate-filled Buns

This product has the image of a baker with a mustache like “Jam Ojisan” on the package front and is convenient to carry around.

And above all, these snack buns are really easy to eat and just look like real Anpan, so I think this item could be a great treat for children.


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