Kit Kat Mini Chocolate Ume Flavor from Nestle Japan

Today when I went on an errand to a store, in the snack aisle I came across a seasonal flavor of Kit Kat Chocolate by chance and instantly thought the flavor is a Japan limited edition because it recreates the taste of the fruit that represents Japan’s winter season. 

Kit Kat Mini Ume Flavor Chocolate Bar

Kit Kat Mini Ume Flavor from Nestle Japan

That is why this time I bought that Kit Kat Chocolate “Ume (梅)” flavor for this blog article. According to this tweet by KitKat Japan, the Ume Kit Kat was put on the market on January 18th of this year (2021).

Ume (梅)

Ume, often referred to as Japanese plum or Japanese apricot in English, is a tree that blooms in the chilly winter months, earlier than Sakura, the Japanese cherry tree that blooms in the spring.

Japanese Ume Plums

Unlike Sakura, Ume bears fruit after blooming, and the fruit plums are commonly used in Japanese cuisine and snacks.

Although the Japanese plums, Ume doesn’t become sweet even when it’s fully ripened, its refreshing sourness and acidity goes well with both sweet and savory foods and is often used in snacks as a flavoring agent.

Ume KitKat

Kit Kat Mini Ume Flavor Chocolate Bar

In fact, made using an Ume flavoring, the Ume KitKat bar has a green hue that is associated with the actual Ume plums, and the fresh cream sandwiched between the inner wafers also contains Ume powder.

The overall chocolate bar is sweet and tart, like a green apple, but leaves a refreshing aftertaste reminiscent of Ume’s sourness.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Kit Kat Mini Ume Flavor Ingredients

Kit Kat Mini Ume Flavor Nutrition Facts

Lastly, for people who want to know the ingredients and nutrition facts of the Ume KitKat, here are the labels. 

According to that, with 55 kcal per piece (9.9 grams), the Ume Kit Kat chocolate bar consists of sugar, milk sugar, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, wheat flour, Ume juice powder, yeast, cocoa powder, cacao mass, Okara (soy pulp) powder, emulsifier, flavoring, acidifier, baking soda, colors (safflower yellow, Cape jasmine), and yeast food. 


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