Nikiya: My Favorite Ryotei Restaurant in Saitama

Last spring, I went on a trip to Saitama, a neighboring prefecture of Tokyo, to enjoy Hanami (花見) cherry blossom viewing.

Hanami is a traditional Japanese custom where we enjoy the cherry blossom’s beautiful scenery, eating snacks offered by Yatai (屋台) street food stalls.

We visited Gongendo-Tsutsumi (権現堂堤), a park located in Satte City, one of Saitama’s most popular O-Hanami spots.

Nikiya (仁木屋)

After the Hanami viewing, we headed to a Ryotei (料亭) restaurant to enjoy its traditional Japanese course dinner.

The establishment we reserved, Nikiya (仁木屋) (Google Maps), is located in Saitama City and has been registered as tangible cultural property.

Nikiya is a semi-Western-style old house built in the Taisho period (Taisho: 1912 – 1926), where you can soak in the harmony of Japanese traditions and Western practicality.

Hina Ningyo Dolls

When we visited Nikiya, the restaurant had Hina Matsuri (ひな祭り).

In Japan, the festival is annually held on March 3 with Hina Ningyo (雛人形) dolls to wish for the health and happiness of young girls.

Seasonal Events

At Nikiya, a seasonal event takes place every month when the restaurant prepares and displays seasonal things relating to the event in and outside.

So you can enjoy the course dinner while feeling the seasonality from those.

Traditional Japanese Course Dinner

Their dishes are all delicious. I love their white rice cooked by the fire of a Kamado (竃) kitchen range, which tastes exquisite.

Overall, I can confidently recommend the Ryotei restaurant Nikiya for your dinner!


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