Ochazuke (Chazuke) : All About the Japanese Rice Soup

Rice is the staple food of the Japanese. Hence, there are various ways of eating rice here in Japan. For example, if you have a chance to go to Japanese-style restaurants in Japan, you will find a variety of rice dishes, such as Donburi and Sushi, in the menu.

Actually, Japanese like to eat steamed plain rice putting some food on top of it, say Natto, Umeboshi plums or Furikake. Additionally, some Japanese enjoy the rice soaking in Miso soup.

Ochazuke (お茶漬け)

As for me, I like eating steamed plain rice with Furikake rice seasoning. But if I have grilled salmon as a side dish, I sometimes remove the bones with chopsticks, put the salmon flakes on top of the rice, sprinkle Ochazuke rice seasoning over it, and pour hot green tea into the bowl. Once the rice is entirely soaked in the tea, I enjoy the rice bowl dish.

What is Ochazuke Rice Seasoning?

Ochazuke Rice Bowl Nagatanien Ochazuke Rice Seasoning

Ochazuke rice seasoning is a kind of Furikake. The major Japanese food company, “Nagatanien (永谷園)” occupies a dominant, about 80 percent share in Japan’s Ochazuke rice seasoning market.

The basic way to use the rice seasoning is really simple: Sprinkle the flakes over steamed plain rice and pour green tea or hot water into the bowl, and you can enjoy the rice bowl dish, “Ochazuke (お茶漬け)”.

Of course, it is also good to add some toppings to the rice bowl as I wrote above. Umeboshi plums (Amazon.com) and grilled fish flakes are typical ingredients for the topping.

What is Ochazuke?

Ochazuke Rice Soup

As you can guess, we Japanese generally call the rice entirely soaked in green tea or soup “Ochazuke (お茶漬け)” or “Chazuke (茶漬け)”.

Even though the word, “Ocha (お茶)” refers to Japanese green tea, we sometimes make the rice bowl dish with hot water or Dashi soup stock, instead of the green tea.

We usually pour hot Japanese green tea, like “Sencha (煎茶)” (Amazon.com), onto plain white rice, but in the summer season, some Japanese like to make Ochazuke with cold green tea.

Although we often prepare Umeboshi plums and grilled salmon flakes as main ingredients for Ochazuke, other than these there are a variety of foods that work well with the rice soup, such as pickles, Tempura, Sashimi, Mentaiko, Shiokara, and grilled eel.

If you want to know how to make Ochazuke in detail, this article will help.

Instant Ochazuke Rice Soup

Apart from Ochazuke rice seasoning, several types of instant Ochazuke products are also available in Japan.

Instant Ochazuke Rice Bowl

Nagatanien Instant Ochazuke Bowl Umeboshi Nagatanien Instant Ochazuke Bowl Grilled Salmon Flakes Nagatanien Instant Ochazuke Bowl Tempura
Amazon.co.jp Amazon.co.jp Amazon.co.jp

With these products, all you prepare to make Ochazuke is only boiling water, and you can easily enjoy authentic Japanese Ochazuke rice soup.

Instant Ochazuke with Freeze-Dried Ingredients

Assorted Freeze-Dried Ochazuke (Crab, Scallop, Sea Bream×1 Each, Salmon×3)

This type of instant Ochazuke is a bit luxurious, but with this you can enjoy the fresh delicious ingredients.


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    […] Mentaiko is sometimes used as a main ingredient of Ochazuke(お茶漬け).Ochazuke is a type of Japanese rice bowl dishes that steamed rice is soaked with soup.You will be able to know more about Ochazuke in my past article. […]

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