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The difference between Hoto, Udon, and Kishimen noodles

There are many varieties of Japanese wheat noodles, but the most famous Japanese noodles outside of Japan are probably the ones for ramen. In addition to the noodles for ramen, Udon is well-known for being...


The Difference : Katsu, Tonkatsu, Hire-katsu, and Rosu-katsu

When it comes to the restaurant unique to Japan, you probably can’t find the same type of restaurants as “Tonkatsu-ya (とんかつ屋)” in your country. Tonkatsu-ya is the Japanese restaurant that serves “Tonkatsu (豚カツ)” made...


4 Classic Types of Japanese Seaweed Snacks

Unlike many other countries, Japan has a culture of using seaweed as a main ingredient for dishes and snacks. Typical examples of such edible seaweed that we Japanese commonly have in daily life include...