Japanese Salted Kit Kat: Shio Lemon Flavor Chocolate

Eating Shio Ame (塩飴) is a Japanese summer tradition from which many of us customarily replenish the salt lost by sweating during the hot summer months.

Japanese Kit Kat Shio Salt Lemon Flavor

As written in this post, salted candies have been increasing their market share in Japan, and now, it is not rare to see those treats in stores, as I came across this Salt Lemon Kit Kat this time.

Salt Lemon Kit Kat

Salt Lemon Kit Kat

These are Kit Kat Mini, whose package contains ten pieces of individually wrapped chocolate. The wrapper comes in 3 colors, but the contents are the same.

Kit Kat Shio Lemon Composition

According to the description on the backside, the exterior of the Shio Lemon (塩レモン: Salt Lemon) Kit Kat is white chocolate, which is unsalted with a simple lemon flavor.

Japanese Salted Kit Kat Shio Lemon

Meanwhile, the inner wafer part uses fresh cream blended with lemon powder and sea salt, making it a salted Kit Kat.

Japanese Salted Kit Kat Chocolate Shio Lemon Flavor

Like salted caramel, salt serves as a taste accent in this Kit Kat, and as a result, it accentuates the lemon flavor.

Japanese Salted Kit Kat Chocolate Shio Salt Lemon Flavor

So overall, the chocolate bar is uniquely refreshing, and I feel the Salt Lemon Kit Kat has the potential to be your favorite summer treat.

Kit Kat Salt Lemon Flavor Chocolate Ingredients Nutrition Facts


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