The Health Benefits of Calpis (Calpico) Drinks

Calpis is a popular lactic acid bacteria beverage produced and sold by the Japanese company, Calpis Co., Ltd. It is a sterilized milk based soft drink first introduced in 1919.

Calpis (Calpico)

Calpis Soda Drink

The Calpis drink comes in various forms including soda and is sold in English speaking countries by the name of Calpico. This is because the product name of Calpis may be associated with “cow piss” by native English speakers.

Since the microorganisms contained in Calpis drinks are lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungus, it is said that so-called “Calpis Bacteria” is a symbiont of Calpis’s unique lactic acid bacteria and yeast fungus, though the producer has not announced in detail what Calpis Bacteria is.

Health Benefits


Many people consider Calpis or Calpico a healthy beverage. In fact, the Calpis drink is said to be beneficial to human health and has various health benefits listed below.

  1. The lactic acid bacteria contained in Calpis, Lactobacillus Helveticus helps your body recover from fatigue and relieve stress, resulting in giving you a good sleep.
  2. Lactobacillus Helveticus also helps lower the blood pressure
  3. Lactobacillus Helveticus also improves the moisture-retention of the skin and reduces the melanin production in the skin.
  4. Calpis boosts the immune system and improves immunity against cold and flu
  5. Calpis improves atopic symptoms

Recipes using Calpis Concentrated Drink Mix

Calpico Concentrated Drink Mix

When making a glass of Calpis, the Calpis Concentrated Drink Mix is usually watered down, and it’s up to you how much it is diluted with water. Other than this, as the base liquid of Calpis can actually be used in various ways, last let me introduce 3 easy recipes using it from the official Japanese website of Calpis.

Calpis Soda

The manufacturer recommends a 1:4 ratio of the concentrated Calpis base to soda water. Prepare the soda drink and add in bite-sized fruits you like.

Calpis Latte

The manufacturer recommends a 1:5 ratio of the concentrated Calpis base to milk.

Calpis Yogurt

The Calpis base works especially well with plain yogurt. First, put fruits and granola you like in a shallow bowl of plain yogurt. Then, dress the yogurt with some Calpis Concentrated Drink Mix.


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