Tororo Kombu – How to use the Japanese kelp flakes like grated yam

Have you ever heard of Tororo Kombu (とろろ昆布) or eaten Japanese dishes with the food unique to Japan?


  1. As a main ingredient of soup
  2. Tororo Kombu and plain white rice
  3. Tororo Kombu and vegetables (salads)

What kind of food is Tororo Kombu (とろろ昆布)?

Yamanaka grated yam kelp 500g (

Tororo Kombu (とろろ昆布) is the Japanese processed food made by finely shredding Kombu (kelp) seaweed.

The long, fine dried Kombu flakes get mushy like grated yam if you pour hot water on the food.Hence the Japanese word, “Tororo (とろろ)” referring to “grated yam” is added in front of the word “Kombu (昆布)”.It seems like the Japanese food is also called yam kelp in English.

Generally, the fine strips of shredded Kombu are sold without seasoning so that we can use the kelp flakes as an ingredient for a wide variety of dishes in various ways.

How to use Tororo Kombu

Tororo Kombu is commonly used as an ingredient for various types of Japanese cuisine.Besides, the processed food is really easy to use.In many cases, a proper amount of the Kombu flakes are added to some food and often seasoned with soy sauce.

Specifically, I want to give typical examples of how to use Tororo Kombu, in other words, easy-to-make recipes using the Kombu flakes.

1. As a main ingredient for soup

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Tororo kombu is the most commonly used as a main ingredient for soups.

If you pour hot water over a proper amount of the Kombu flakes in a bowl and season them with soy sauce, you can easily make tasty soup.This is the simplest way to use Tororo Kombu.The soup has great potential to become more delicious, so let’s give finishing touches if you come up with ideas.

For example, it is a good idea to add toppings, such as dried bonito flakes, Umeboshi plums, dried sakura shrimps, the dried young sardines called “Shirasu-boshi (しらす干し)”, finely chopped green onions, finely chopped Myoga, or the bread-like pieces of dried wheat gluten called “Fu (麩)” to the soup as a final touch.

Some Japanese like eating the Tororo Kombu soup, after sprinkling the Japanese versatile seasoning “Ajinomoto” over the soup.

Ajinomoto, Super Seasoning 3.5 oz.

Some Japanese people also like adding the Kombu flakes to noodle dishes, such as Ramen, Udon and Soba noodles.What is more, the shredded Kombu works well with many types of soups, including consommé soup and Miso soup, so just try out the Japanese processed food with various kinds of soups and find your favorites !

2. Tororo Kombu and plain white rice

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When making Onigiri rice balls, we Japanese sometimes use the Kombu flakes, instead of dried Nori seaweed, to cover steamed plain rice.It is also good to make Onigiri mixing the rice with the flakes.

3. Tororo Kombu and vegetables (salads)

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Some Japanese like using Tororo Kombu as a topping for various kinds of salads.In addition, the Kombu flake also makes a good pair with sticky foods, such as Natto and Okra.

Other than salads and vegetables, you will be able to enjoy cold tofu even better if you put the Kombu flakes on top of the tofu and season them with Ponzu sauce.

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