Matcha Beer: Japanese Green Tea Flavored Beer

“Matcha (抹茶)” is the luxurious Japanese green tea that is enjoyed in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony called “Chado or Sado (茶道)”.

Although the green tea powder Matcha is usually prepared for making tea, the particles are also often used as a flavoring in dishes, confections, or drinks.

When it comes to the beverage, with Macha powder, milk, and sugar, you can make a flavorful green tea latte, which is very popular in many countries thanks to Starbucks and other coffee restaurant chains.

But have you ever heard that the Japanese green tea powder also works well with beer?

Matcha Beer (抹茶ビール)

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As the name indicates, Matcha beer is a simple mixture of Matcha green tea and beer. In recent years in Japan, it has become a topic of conversation during the summer season, and in fact, there are some spots to enjoy it in Tokyo and Kyoto.

When Matcha is combined with beer, the slight bitterness and nice fragrance of the green tea is added to beer, making its taste very Japanese. The green tea beer is easy to drink and its aftertaste is also good.


According to d: matcha Kyoto magazine, all you need to prepare for Matcha beer are only Matcha green tea powder and beer. But the Japanese website says that it is better to use high-grade Matcha powder for making a satisfying glass of Matcha beer.

Lastly, for people who want to try it, here is the recommended Matcha beer recipe.


Matcha Beer (one serving)
Ingredient Quantity
Beer 200 to 250 ml
Matcha green tea powder 2 grams
  1. Put the 2 g Matcha powder in a glass
  2. Add a small amount of beer to the glass and stir well until the green tea powder dissolves.
  3. Then, pour the beer vigorously and make froth on top of it
  4. Let the beer sit for a while and most of the bubbles break naturally
  5. Pour the rest of the beer slowly
  6. If any, break big bubbles with a stick
  7. Ready to drink, enjoy the green tea beer!


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