Myojo Charumera Shoyu Ramen Instant Noodle Soup

There are many food companies producing and selling instant noodles in Japan, among which “Nissin (日清)”, “Toyo Suisan (東洋水産)”, “Sanyo Foods (サンヨー食品)”, “Myojo Foods (明星食品)”, and “Acecook (エースコック)” are the top 5 with a large share.

Nissin is internationally famous for its cup ramen line “Nissin Cup Noodles”, Toyo Suisan has the “Maruchan” brand that is widely enjoyed in many countries, and Myojo Foods’ signature instant noodle is what I introduce here Charmera Ramen.

Myojo Charumera Ramen (明星チャルメラ)

Myojo Charumera Shoyu

Myojo Charumera Ramen was first introduced in 1966 and now has become one of the most loved instant noodle brands in Japan. When I was a kid, I liked its TV commercials, not to mention the actual instant ramen.

As you can see in the video, “Charumera (チャルメラ)” originally refers to a woodwind instrument similar to the oboe, and in the old days, to grab people’s attention, the instrument Charumera was commonly used by small mobile ramen stalls called “Yatai (屋台)”.


Myojo Charumera Shoyu Soy Sauce Based Instant Ramen

Today, Myojo Charumera Ramen comes in many varieties and various flavors. But I still love the original packaged Shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, which I think is probably the most popular in the series even now.


Myojo Charumera Shoyu Ramen

The soy sauce-based broth is light-tasting but packed with delicious umami extracted from scallop, pork bones, and potherbs, while, as with other classic instant ramens, the medium-thin wheat noodles are soft chewy with average quality.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Myojo Charumera Shoyu Soy Sauce Instant Ramen Ingredients

Myojo Charumera Shoyu Soy Sauce Instant Ramen Nutrition Facts

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients and nutrition facts label on the back of the package.

Based on that, the Myojo Charumera Shoyu ramen has 438 kcal per serving (97 grams) and contains 6.0 grams of salt equivalents (noodles and garnishes: 2.0 g, broth: 4.0 g).

The ingredients in the soup base are salt, sugars, flavor seasoning, soy sauce, scallop extract, spices, protein hydrolysate, starch, green onion, and vegetable oil.


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