7 Best Condiments for Miso Ramen Instant Noodle Soup

As with shoyu or soy sauce, miso (fermented soybean paste) is a seasoning of Japanese origin.

As you know, Japanese people use it in a wide range of dishes, including miso soup, ramen, and udon.

As for ramen, miso ramen is one of the most popular flavors, accompanied by shoyu, tonkotsu (pork bone), and shio (salt).

7 Best Condiments for Miso Ramen

A Cup of Instant Miso Ramen

We enjoy miso ramen (instant noodles) in various ways, and some like to add a condiment to the bowl to change its taste. But what do they add?

For those who are interested, here I will introduce the best condiments/toppings favored by us Japanese.

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

First, sesame oil is known for working well with almost any flavor of instant ramen, including miso.

If you drizzle a little, it’ll make the soup nicely aromatic and deepen the taste.


Miso butter ramen

Butter makes a perfect pair with miso ramen, as seen in “miso butter ramen” found in some ramen shops.

The addition of a pat of butter makes the taste of the noodle soup mellow and decadent.


Miso Ramen with Cheese

Like butter, cheese shreds or powder makes the taste of miso ramen richer, which some ramen restaurants in Tokyo actually do.

While butter is dissolved in the broth, cheese doesn’t. Nonetheless, with its richness, you will slurp the bowl to the last drop.

Shichimi Togarashi or Tobanjan

Miso Ramen with Tobanjan PasteImage: Nonnkinahimazinn

The addition of Shichimi Togarashi or the Chinese chili bean sauce Tobanjan makes miso ramen a little spicy and more flavorful.

Giving the bowl a pleasant kick and extra flavor, these can delight your taste buds.

Milk or Soybean Milk

Miso Ramen with MilkImage: Cookpad.com

As seen above, dairy products generally go well with miso ramen, and there are many recipes using milk or soybean milk.

For example, cook instant miso ramen with one part water and one part milk (soybean milk).


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