5 Japanese Mechanical Pencils that Many People Say Best

Japanese stationery is popular around the world for its high-quality multi-functions and handiness, and in Japan, new office supplies and writing materials are coming out one after another. 

Among others, above all, there are a wide variety of mechanical pencils you can choose from, each of which has its own unique, useful functions and mechanisms.

5 Best Japanese Mechanical Pencils 

Out of those, today I will introduce 5 Japanese mechanical pencils that have a great reputation in Japan. In fact, many people have said about them on the internet like “This is best of all the mechanical pencils I have ever used”.

1. Uni Kuru Toga

Uni Mechanical Pencil Kuru Toga 0.5mm

First, it is said that you can’t use other mechanical pencils if you use Kuru Toga from Uni Mitsubishi Pencil once. 

This Japanese pen is characterized by the lead rotating function called “Kuru Toga Engine” which makes the lead rotate little by little during the writing and sharpens the lead. 

Thanks to that, you can keep writing letters in uniform thinness and color. Besides, the grip doesn’t slip and the center of the gravity of Kuru Toga is low, which makes this pen very easy to write. 

2. Pentel Graph Gear 1000

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 0.5mm

Graph Gear 1000 from Pentel has a dual-layer grip and features a double-knock mechanism that allows the pen tip to fully retract inside the pen body, which prevents clothing from being damaged. 

Considering these, its suggested retail price is said to be reasonable. By the way, this Japanese mechanical pencil is a successor model of Pentel Graph 1000 for Pro which is favored by professional designers around the world.

3. Zebra Delguard 

Zebra Delguard 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil

The main feature of the Zebra Delgard pen is the “Delguard System” which guards the lead against strong writing pressure from all directions and prevents it from easy breakage.

Also, the mechanism solves the clogging of the lead. Further, this Japanese pen only weighs 10 grams, so even if you use it for quite a long time, you will not be tired from writing.

4. Pentel Smash Q1005-1

Pentel Smash Q1005-1 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil

Adopting the good points of Pentel Graph 1000, Pentel Smash Q1005-1 has high performance for drafting.

With the center of gravity being located near the pen point, this Japanese mechanical pencil will make you feel comfortable in writing. Also, it is light in weight (13 grams) so you will not be tired from writing.

5. Uni Alpha Gel

Uni Alpha Gel Shaker Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Hard Grip

With an easy-to-hold gel grip, Uni Alpha Gel has been loved by many people for over a decade. Thanks to the comfortable grip, even if you use this pen for long, you will have no pain in the hand.

When you shake this pen, the lead advances automatically. But you can also prevent the lead from advancing without control.


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