Pine Ame: The Most Famous Pineapple Candy in Japan

When it comes to Japanese fruit candy, Sakuma Drops is undoubtedly one of the most famous with a long history, and it actually appears in Studio Ghibli’s anime film “Grave of the Fireflies”.

In addition to Sakuma Drops, there is actually one more famous fruit-flavored hard candy in Japan, which in fact has been widely enjoyed by people of all generations for decades.

Pine Ame (パインアメ)

Pine Ame Pineapple Candy

That candy is called “Pine Ame (パインアメ)” which is produced and sold by the Japanese confectionery company with the same name as the product “Pine (パイン).

Pine Ame Pineapple Hard Candy

As you can easily guess from the picture above, the Pine Ame is a pineapple flavor hard candy, which was introduced by Pine in 1951.

As shown by the fact that it has gotten a lot of high ratings from Amazon Japan customers, today the pineapple candy has become one of the best fruit candies in Japan.

Pine Ame

As a matter of fact, the Japanese pineapple candy, Pine Ame tastes so good and is quite addictive, so I also have loved it since I was small. It’s not overly sweet with a juicy pineapple flavor to it.

Ingredients and Calories

Pine Ame Pineapple Candy Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients and calories of the Japanese treat Pine Ame. Based on the label on the back of the bag, its main ingredients are sugar, starch syrup, pineapple juice, skim milk powder, acidifier, flavoring, and colors. And the calories per piece (4.8 grams) are 18.7 kcal.

Pine Ame Pineapple Candy


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