Pine Ame : The Japan’s Most Famous Pineapple Candy

When it comes to Japanese fruit-flavored hard candies, Sakuma Drops is undoubtedly one of the Japan’s most famous fruit candies that has a long history.

Actually, the classic fruit candy appears in the Studio Ghibli’s anime movie “Grave of the Fireflies” (

In addition to Sakuma Drops,  there is one more famous fruit candy in Japan, which in fact has been loved by many Japanese for decades.

Pine Ame (パインアメ)

Pine Ame Japanse pineapple candy

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It is “Pine Ame (パインアメ)” that is a fruit candy familiar to many Japanese as well as Sakuma Drops. The Ame hard candy, Pine Ame is produced and sold by a Japanese confectionery company with the same name as its product “Pine (パイン)

As you can guess from its color, the pattern on its surface, and its product name, Pine Ame is a pineapple candy, which was released in 1951. As the customer reviews on Amazon Japan indicate, even now the pineapple candy is very popular in Japan with a fabulous reputation.


According to the Pine’s official website, sugar and starch syrup are the main ingredient of Pine Ame.

In addition to these, the Japanese pineapple candy is made using carefully selected ingredients and contains pineapple flavoring, pineapple juice, and powdered milk.

In Conclusion

Pine Ame has a sweet, tangy, nostalgic taste that you never get tired of. In fact, it is really delicious and addictive as the pineapple candy has gotten a lot of high ratings from Amazon Japan customers.

I suppose that Pine Ame isn’t well-known outside Japan yet. However, if you are interested and have a chance, I want you to try the Japanese pineapple candy at least once, because it is really yummy and truly worth a try.

Pine Ame – Japanese Pineapple Candy


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