Kracie Super Soda Chewing Gum Filled with Fizzy Powder

Soda candy is popular with children and here in Japan supermarkets carry various kinds of fizzy candies.

Among those Japanese fizzy soda candies, when I think of chewing gum, what comes to my mind right away is what I introduce here, Kracie Super Soda Gum.

Kracie Super Soda Gum

Kracie Super Soda Gum Fizzy Chewing Gum

Introduced into the market in 1973, Kracie Super Soda Gum is a cube-shaped chewing gum produced and sold by a Japanese company, Kracie.

Kracie Super Soda Gum is known as Japan’s first fizzy powder-filled chewing gum and was one of my favorite chewing gum when I was a kid.


Kracie Super Soda Gum Fizzy Powder

As you can see in the photo above, the Japanese soda gum contains a fizzy powder consisting of baking soda and acidifiers in the center part.

In 2012, Kracie celebrated the 40th year anniversary of its Super Soda Gum series and increased the amount of fizzy powder by 2.4 times.

Now, in addition to being filled with plenty of addicting fizzy powder, one piece of the chewing gum is big in size and weighs as much as 7 grams.

The overall gum has a pleasant chewy texture and is especially characterized by the delicious, stimulating soda flavor that comes from the fizzy powder inside, which makes children very excited.


Kracie Super Soda Gum Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, according to the ingredient list, Kracie Super Soda Gum is made from sugar, dextrose, reduced sugar syrup, reduced palatinose, starch, milk sugar, dextrin, bum base, acidifier, baking soda, flavoring, calcium sulfate, emulsifier, processed starch, softener, and gardenia pigment.

Kracie Super Fizzy Soda Gum


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