Koikeya Suppa Mucho Potato Chips with Sour Flavor

When Japanese people think of potato snacks, many will bring Calbee Potato Chips to mind. As a matter of fact, Calbee’s Potato Chips line has the top share in Japan’s potato chips market, but at present, it is not available in sour flavors.

Speaking of sour-acidic Japanese potato chips, Koikeya’s Suppa Mucho series is popular and has long been loved in Japan.

Koikeya Suppa Mucho Potato Chips

Actually, in addition to the Suppa Mucho series, the Japanese snack food manufacturer, Koikeya is especially well-known for their spicy-hot potato snacks (chips, sticks) called “Karamucho”.

Koikeya Suppa Mucho Potato Chips was introduced in 1993 and now has gained deep-rooted popularity in Japan.


It comes in 2 flavors, Vinegar and Ume (plum). The ume flavor is available in both stick and chip forms, whereas the vinegar flavor only comes in chips. In other words, the Japanese potato snack Koikeya Suppa Mucho comes in 3 different varieties.

Ume Flavor

Suppa Mucho Ume Chips

Today for this blog article, I picked up the product Suppa Mucho Ume, one of my favorite potato chips.

The bag contains lightly salted potato crisps with a refreshing, slightly sour plum flavor.

As you can see in the photo, the potato chip is partially colored with the light red extract of ume plums.


According to the ingredient list, the Suppa Mucho Ume plum-flavored chips mainly consists of Non-GMO potato, vegetable oil, sugar, glucose, powdered ume vinegar, salt, powdered vinegar, powdered soy sauce, ume seasoning powder, green nori (laver) seaweed, and oligosaccharide.

The ume plum for Koikeya Suppa Mucho is produced in Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture. The region in Wakayama, Kishu is actually very famous in Japan as a production area of ume plums.


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