Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Umeboshi Candy

There are various kinds of sour gummy candies available at supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan as well as in many other countries.

Those gummies all get lumped together as sour gummy candy, but they are quite varied in taste. For example, the one with Ume plum flavor or Umeboshi flavor is unique to Japan.

Since the gummy candy with Umeboshi flavor is quite different in sourness and acidity from the one with a lemon flavor, if you want to try out sour-sweet treats different than usual, the Umeboshi candy can be a recommended item for you.

Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Candy

If you really want to sample an authentic Umeboshi-flavored gummy candy, there is a popular product that is worth a try, which I bought today for this blog article.

Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Candy

It is the pictured Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Candy that I recommend, a product from Nobel’s popular “Otoko Ume (男梅)” series, which is composed of a wide range of Umeboshi-flavored products, including this hard candy.

Features and Taste

Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Umeboshi Candy

The Otoko Ume Gummy Candy kind of looks weird and unusual, but this is because the gummi is coated in Umeboshi particles.

In fact, if you wash away the dark brown Ume plum powder, the color of the candy turns crimson. Actually, the saltiness and sourness of this gummy candy mostly come from the outer coating.

Nonetheless, the Umeboshi coating is neither that salty nor that sour. Rather, it adds depth of taste characteristic of Umeboshi plum to the gummy candy.

Meanwhile, the gummy candy itself is sweet, pretty hard in texture, and is also packed with lots of Umeboshi flavor. So the more you chew on it, the more the flavor and umami come out.


Noble Otoko Ume Gummy Candy Ingredients

Next, let’s check the ingredients. According to the list on the back of the package, the Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Candy mainly consists of sugar, starch syrup, gelatin, salt, dextrin, powdered Umeboshi, milk whey protein, vegetable fat, Ume vinegar, Ume plum flesh, red shiso (perilla), protein hydrolysate, acidifier, glycerin, potassium chloride, seasoning (including amino acids), emulsifier, spice extract, colors (Monascus and vegetable pigments), and sweeteners (stevia, aspartame).


If you are interested in Japanese candy with authentic Umeboshi flavor, I will highly recommend this product. In fact, the Nobel Otoko Ume Gummy Candy has plenty of umami taste from Umeboshi and is quite addictive.


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