How to Preserve Soy Sauce, Miso Paste, Mirin, and Ponzu Sauce

Today, Japanese seasonings, such as Soy sauce, Miso soybean paste, Mirin sweet cooking rice wine, and Ponzu sauce, are easy to obtain in many countries and are used by many home cooks.

However, do you know how to preserve these Japanese seasonings properly? Today, I will introduce how to keep them fresh for a long time.

How to Preserve Soy Sauce (Shoyu)

Soy Sauce

According to the official blog of a leading Japanese seasoning maker “Kikkoman (キッコーマン)”, when the product is unsealed, the contents are exposed to the air.

This makes soy sauce (Shoyu : 醤油) easily-oxidizable and lets various germs enter it, which lowers the quality of soy sauce in aroma, flavor and taste.

Hence, you need to preserve unsealed soy sauce in the refrigerator in order to keep the seasoning fresh for a long time. This also applies to Nama Shoyu.

How to Preserve Miso Soybean Paste

Miso Soybean Paste

According to the official website of a leading Japanese Miso maker “Marukome (マルコメ)”, affected by temperature in addition to the passage of time, Miso soybean paste gets browner and darker, even if you don’t unseal the product.

This makes the quality of Miso worse gradually. Therefore, it is highly recommended to preserve the product in the refrigerator.

Additionally, prior to closing the lid, covering the surface of unsealed Miso paste completely with a plastic film prevents the paste from contacting with the air and getting dry.

How to Preserve Mirin Cooking Rice Wine

Mirin Sweet Cooking Rice Wine

According to the official website of Kikkoman, Hon Mirin contains lots of sugar. Hence, if the cooking rice wine is preserved at a low temperature, say, in the refrigerator, that lowers the dissolution rate of sugar and causes the crystallization of the sugar contained in the liquid.

Besides, Hon Mirin contains lots of alcohol as well, so it is highly recommended to preserve the cooking rice wine at normal temperature in a cool dark place not directly exposed to the sunlight.

How to Preserve Ponzu Sauce 

Ponzu Sauce

According to the official website of a major Japanese food company “Mizkan (ミツカン)”, when the product is unsealed, in order to keep it fresh for a long time, you need to preserve the Ponzu sauce in the refrigerator and use it up as soon as possible.

This is because, as with soy sauce, Ponzu sauce is easily oxidizable, and germs could enter it when the sauce is exposed to the air.


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