Nissin Cup Noodle Big Sukiyaki with Onsen Tamago

The Japanese beef hot pot “Sukiyaki (スキヤキ)” is one of the dishes that represent Japan together with Ramen, but have you ever imagined a bowl of Ramen combined with Sukiyaki?

Actually, in Japan, Nissin carried that out recently. I’m fond of trying new things and that is why I bought the limited-time new instant ramen with Sukiyaki flavor from Nissin’s Cup Noodle Big line the other day.

Nissin Cup Noodle Big Sukiyaki Flavor Instant Ramen

Nissin Cup Noodle Big Sukiyaki Flavor Instant Ramen

I came across this instant Sukiyaki ramen while I was shopping at a drugstore near my workplace a few weeks ago. The illustration on the cup recommends putting “Onsen Tamago (温泉卵)” on top of the noodle soup. So I prepared Onsen Tamago too for this instant ramen. Onsen Tamago is a soft boiled egg originally cooked in hot spring water. 


On the top paper lid, there is a blue sachet pasted containing special Sukiyaki sauce, which is added to the noodle soup just before eating. Soup base powder and dried garnishes, such as chopped green onions, seasoned egg bits, and small pieces of beef-like processed soybean protein, are mixed in with the dried noodle block.


The making of this Nissin Cup Noodle Sukiyaki-flavored instant ramen is not that complicated; First, pour boiling water until it reaches the line indicated inside the cup, close the lid, and wait for 3 minutes. Then, remove the paper lid and add in the special Sukiyaki sauce. Stir all the ingredients well with chopsticks and as a finishing, put Onsen Tamago on top of the noodle soup. Break the egg and enjoy the Sukiyaki ramen!


Nissin Cup Noodle Big Sukiyaki Flavor Instant Ramen with Onsen Tamago Egg

The combination of Ramen, Sukiyaki, and Onsen Tamago is really great! and the broth of this Cup Noodle has a good, sweet soy sauce-based Sukiyaki-like flavor. The soft boiled egg makes the taste of the Sukiyaki ramen milder and turns it into a fabulous noodle dish. 


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