Wasabeef : Addicting Wasabi and Beef flavored Potato Chips

When it comes to the Japanese seasoning with a pungent taste, the Japanese horseradish, Wasabi is famous.

As a matter of fact, the underground root of Wasabi is used for a variety of dishes in Japanese cuisine, including Sushi, Sashimi, and Soba noodles, after it is grated.

In addition to the usage for those traditional dishes, in Japan, Wasabi is also used for giving snacks spiciness and a little bit of kick, and many snack foods with a Wasabi flavor are available in supermarkets.

Since I’m Japanese, I have tried various types of Japanese snacks with a pungent Wasabi flavor until now, from Senbei and Okaki rice crackers to newly released potato snacks.

Even now, I like some of the Wasabi-flavored snacks I tried before. Among those, one of my most favorites is Yamayoshi Wasabeef potato chips.

Yamayoshi Wasabeef Potato Chips

This is Yamayoshi’s Wasabeef Potato Chips (Amazon.com), my favorite Wasabi-flavored snack food. This product is a long-seller released in 1987 as the package says.

The reason why it is called “Wasabeef (わさビーフ)” is that it has a Wasabi and Beef flavor. According to the package, “Japanese horseradish harvested in Nagano Prefecture (長野県産わさび)” is used in the potato chips.

Nagano, especially the city in the prefecture, Azumino is very famous as a production area of Wasabi in Japan.

Actually, I have visited a famous Wasabi plantation in Azumino “Daio Wasabi Farm (大王わさび農場)” many times, where there are creeks running through the farm and water mills are working along the stream. The scenery is very beautiful.

The Ingredients 

When you see the back of the bag, you can know what ingredients are contained in Wasabeef Potato Chips.

According to the description, the ingredient mainly includes Non-GMO potato, sugar, powdered soy sauce, beef powder (including chicken and gelatin), salt, garlic, red chili pepper, onion, and Wasabi powder (harvested in Nagano).

In Conclusion

Yamayoshi Wasabeef Potato Chips features having an excellent combination of the moderate pungent flavor of Wasabi and the rich flavor of beef.

These potato chips are really addictive because not only does the snack have plenty of rich beef flavor, but the aftertaste is also refreshing and light thanks to Wasabi.

Additionally, this snack food has even umami ingredients of garlic and onion, so you will never get tired of it! If you are interested, why not give it a try?

Yamayoshi Hot Wasabi Potato Chips, Wasa-beef 2.1oz


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