I Tried Making Corn Potage Soup with Corn Puff Snacks

When it comes to Japanese snacks with corn potage flavor, I think Umaibo Corn Potage Flavor (Amazon.com) and Riska Corn Potage Puff Snack (Amazon.com) are the 2 most popular snacks.

Both of these corn potage snacks taste really good, though, as I talked about them in detail before, they are somewhat different in texture and flavor from each other.

As for me, I prefer Riska Corn Potage Corn Puff Snack to Umaibo Corn Potage Snack Bar because I found the Riska’s one is richer in flavor of corn potage.

In Japan, some people like to create their own recipes using snacks and candies.

Therefore, if you search for such recipes on the internet offered in Japanese, you can find a wide range of recipes using popular Japanese snacks and candies as main ingredients.

The Very Easy Corn Potage Soup Recipe using Snacks

When it comes to the recipe whose main ingredient is one of the above 2 Japanese snacks, corn potage soup recipes using Umaibo Corn Potage are popular in Japan and became a topic of conversation a few years ago on the net.

In fact, I tried making one of those recipes and shared the method and the result last year.

The simple corn potage soup made from the Umaibo was quite good, so I wondered, “How about making corn potage soup with Riska Corn Potage Snack?”

This is why I take action today. I will try making corn potage soup using the Riska’s snack this time!


Now, let’s get the cooking started.

First, wrap a proper amount of corn potage puffs with plastic food wrap so that my hands won’t get dirty, then crush them into powder.

Put the powder into a small cup.

Pour milk into the cup.

Microwave it until hot.

Stir well and enjoy!


The corn potage soup looks delicious, doesn’t it?! It is just a simple junk food! Nevertheless, the soup is quite tasty and mild, though it is not very rich in taste.

In order to solve the issue, it may be a good idea to add a consommé seasoning or salt to the soup.

In Conclusion

Other than the above 2 Japanese corn potage snacks, it may be interesting to try making corn potage soup using various kinds of corn potage snacks.


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