The most famous Japanese chili oil with crunchy fried garlic

When it comes to new types of Japanese seasonings and condiments for plain white rice, it can be said that Taberu Rayu (食べるラー油) is a pioneer of such products.

Taberu Rayu is known as Japanese chili oil with crunchy fried garlic, and in addition to the rice, it is used as a seasoning for various foods.

The pioneer of Taberu Rayu

The pioneer of Taberu Rayu is a product released in 2009 from “Momoya (桃屋)”, a major Japanese food company well-known for its rice seasonings.In the next year after it went on the market, the Momoya’s Taberu Rayu became a big hit in Japan.

When the new-type seasoning became a fad, other leading Japanese food makers went into its market.Nevertheless, even now I prefer the Momoya’s Taberu Rayu to almost any other product and actually use the item at home.

Momoya chili oil with crunchy fried garlic – The most famous Taberu Rayu

As well as being the pioneer of Taberu Rayu, the Momoya’s chili oil with crunchy fried garlic ( is the most famous Taberu Rayu in Japan.

As compared to general chili oil, this Taberu Rayu is savory and little spicy thanks to its fried ingredients, such as garlic and onion, so it is a recommended item for those who don’t like spicy stuff.

The ingredients of Momoya chili oil with fried garlic (Taberu Rayu)

According to the description on the side of the bottle container, the ingredient of this Momoya’s Taberu Rayu includes rapeseed oil, sesame oil, fried garlic, chili pepper, fried onion, sugar, salt, spicy miso paste, paprika, ground sesame seeds, onion powder, powdered soy sauce and so on.

How to use Japanese chili oil with crunchy fried garlic

As I wrote above, the Japanese chili oil with crunchy fried garlic, Taberu Rayu can be used in many different ways.For example,

Steamed plain rice and Taberu Rayu are the most basic combination.

Apart from the rice, the Japanese chili oil with crunchy garlic works well with various foods, including fried foods, salads, ramen, Tofu, pasta, and even Natto.Therefore, Taberu Rayu is an all-purpose seasoning (condiment).

With this item, you will be able to broaden the variation of cooking and deepen the flavor of foods.



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