Glico Cratz: One of the Best Japanese Potato Snacks for Beer

When it comes to Japanese beer snacks, I think dried squid snacks, such as Surume, Saki-ika, and Noshi-ika, are representatives of the genre. But of course, other than these, there are a bunch of Japanese snacks that go well with beer.

Generally in Japan, the snack food eaten with alcoholic drinks is called “Otsumami (おつまみ)”, and if I give examples of classic Japanese Otsumami snacks, in addtion to the dried squid snacks above , “Kamaboko (かまぼこ)” and “Edamame (枝豆)” are widely enjoyed in Japan.

Not only those classic Otsumami, but in recent years, various modern Otsumami snacks with unique features have come out one after another in Japan, and what I introduce here, Glico Cratz is among them.

Glico Cratz

Glico Cratz Edamame Flavor

Glico Cratz Pepper Bacon Flavor

Produced and sold by Glico, the Japanese snack food “Cratz” is a pleasant crunchy potato snack featuring the rich umami taste that really pairs well with beer. The savory potato snack is crunchy on the outside and brittle on the inside, so its texture is similar to a bit hard cookies.


Glico Cratz comes in 3 flavors, the Edamame Flavor that is my favorite, the Pepper Bacon Flavor with a good reputation on Amazon, and the Spicy Chicken Flavor with plenty of umami of chicken.

Glico Cratz Pepper Bacon Flavor Potato Snack

Regarding the taste of each flavor, the green Edamame snack is packed with savoriness from Edamame beans, while the browny Pepper Bacon snack has a bit spicy, umami rich taste that makes you want to drink beer more.

Both have a right amount of salt and are really yummy, and come with some roasted almond pieces that are a nice accent.


Glico Cratz Edamame Flavor Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Lastly, according to the ingredient lists, the main ingredients in the Glico Cratz Edamame snack are wheat flour, vegetable fat and oil, non-GMO dried potato, almond, shortening, starch, Edamame soybean powder, wheat protein, chicken extract powder, vegetable extract seasoning, salt, sugar, dry beer yeast, kombu seaweed extract powder, and yeast.

Glico Cratz Pepper Bacon Flavor Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

On the other hand, the Cratz Pepper Bacon snack mainly consists of wheat flour, rice flour, vegetable fat and oil, almond, dextrin, lard, sugar, pork extract powder, onion paste, shortening, garlic powder, malt extract, salt, protein hydrolyzate, chicken extract powder, wheat protein, black pepper, dry beer yeast, yeast extract powder, bacon extract, yeast, and malt sugar.


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