Onomichi Ramen: Hiroshima’s Local Ramen with Pork Back Fat

Ramen is a quintessential Japanese noodle dish that is widely enjoyed around the world and comes in numerous varieties in Japan including various regional ramen.

In fact, each local region of Japan has its own unique ramen, among which Sapporo Miso ramen, Kitakata ramen, and Hakata Tonkotsu ramen are especially famous.

Actually other than these, there are a number of popular regional ramen that are much loved around the country, which include Kumamoto ramen and Nagoya Taiwan ramen.

Accordingly, leading Japanese instant noodles manufacturers, such as Nissin and Acecook, have developed and sold a variety of instant cup ramen that recreate the flavor of such local ramen, which include what I have now.

Onomichi Ramen (尾道ラーメン)

Onomichi Ramen instant noodles

The instant ramen I bought the other day is this Onomichi ramen instant noodle soup from Acecook which is soy sauce based and features having back fat of pork.


Onomichi RamenImage : tabelog.com

The Japan’s local ramen, “Onomichi ramen (尾道ラーメン)” originated in a ramen shop located in the city of Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, whose name is “Shukaen (朱華園)”

It is said that the first owner of Shukaen created the original Onomichi ramen in 1947, and the Shukaen’s ramen consists of flat chewy noodles in soy-sauce-based soup broth with mincemeat made of pork’s back fat.

Amochinmi (阿藻珍味) and Shukaen (朱華園)

In the 1990s, a food company located in the city of Fukuyama, Hiroshima, “Amochinmi (阿藻珍味)” developed Onomichi ramen for souvenirs whose broth was made with chicken dashi stock and sardines.

After that, many ramen shops in Hiroshima started to offer noodle soups with the Amochinmi-style broth, so when those living in the prefecture just say “Onomichi Ramen”, that generally refers to the Amochinmi-style ramen.

However, it is said that Onomichi ramen has its roots in both Shukaen and Amochinmi and thus the Hiroshima’s regional ramen is considered to have the 2 versions.

(Reference Page : Wikipedia 尾道ラーメン )


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